Do Babies Born On Halloween Possess Special Powers?

Why Do People With Halloween Birthdays Enjoy Special Abilities?

The Halloween Baby

Legend has it that people born on Halloween have special powers and protections afforded to them for a variety of reasons. This includes a personal blessing for All Hallows Eve births by the Queen Of Halloween Shala. These individuals also possess a deep infusion of the Halloween Spirit. A Spirit that thrives on the balance between light and darkness. This means those who might have been more prone to good or evil will be an interestingly balanced person who realizes that too much of either is a formula for a less than ideal life! They will often have a strong personality that thinks outside of the box. A person who can be lovingly sweet yet display a menacing demeanor when threatened! Such people are difficult to scare yet are masters of startling others when perpetrating harmless pranks. And of course, their homes are the best decorated for Halloween along with always having the sweetest treats for Trick-O-Treaters!🎃

The Halloween Born Enjoy Protections From Paranormal Perplexities

Despite Halloween striving for balance, there is a great deal of unseen evil that infests the fun frights of Halloween. This includes dark spirits, demons, poltergeists, and various blasphemous biological monsters lurking throughout the sinister shadows of nocturnal domains. A baby born on Halloween is exposed to all this spiritual darkness along with the joviality intertwined within the Spirit Of Halloween. It acts as a vaccine of sorts providing an enchanted immunity to the forces of supernatural darkness. This includes demonic entities and related physical beings such as vampires and even werewolves! Zombies are considered the quintessential Halloween monster in a way due to them neither being good nor evil. Merely running on an instinct to consume human flesh! Horrifying yet at the same time innocent like an animal. Thankfully the orange aura of Halloween will generally repel the Hallowed born from Zombies. Yet the danger will still exist under extreme circumstances. Said aura will also grant some level of immunity to Curses including the infamous Voodoo Doll variety! These protections may also extend to non-supernatural threats that wind their way throughout the average person’s life.

The Powers Of Halloween Death

Upon death, the Halloween-born are able to resist the pull of the white light of Heaven and remain a ghost for as long as they like. Often they are more powerful than a normal human ghost and may actually be a match for a demon! They might also be able to pull people out of purgatory or even hell! Beyond that, they have more power to return from the afterlife as a spirit at will. They are fabled to possess the ability to resurrect themselves on Halloween through The Day Of The Dead! Particularly if they coincidentally die on Halloween! Such a complete Halloween birth and death cycle gives them immediate access to Halloween Island where Queen Shala resides! Those who merely die on Halloween, yet weren’t born on the day, also hold a special chair at the All Hallows table adorned in the Halloween Spirit.

The Supernatural Powers Of Halloween Babies

Those birthed on All Hallows Eve often have the paranormal power of Mediumship. The ability to communicate with the dead and various metaphysical spirits. Often aiding in final farewells and the relaying of important information to the living. They also aid ghosts with their unfinished business so they can finally move on into the afterlife. In some cases, they may even be able to see them.👻 Facilitation of a possession so the ghost may temporarily dwell within a biological body is possible yet not recommended!¬†Those lucky individuals with a Halloween Birthday may find various spirits warning them of impending dangers to themselves or others. There is also a natural talent to practice magic such as witchcraft. Their access to the Spirit Of Halloween is a conduit to above-average metaphysical energies for magic or physical activity. Magic opens the door to communication with nature deities. Most naturally there is an immediate kinship with Autumn Nymphs and Fairies.🍁 For those of you born on Halloween, you feel the magic of the season surging through your very soul all year round!🎃

Additional Note: Every century one child is born from a Halloween coffin birth. They appear dead but are actually living dead. It is said to be the living incarnation of Halloween Queen Shala preparing to live an Earthly life while still being in her Angel-Demon Hybrid form on Halloween Island. She is aware of her second life but the child is unaware they are her. Shala sends forth paranormal parents to raise the baby who will command prolific powers. At some point, she will find her way to Halloween Island and commune with Shala. They become one as Shala absorbs her second self in a holy ceremony. From this once-a-century experience, she gains more of an insight into life on our paranormal planet.⚰️

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