Santa Claus vs Pennywise The IT Clown

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Santa Claus Was Helpless To Stop The Horrors Of World War II!

It was Christmas of 1941 when Santa Claus had been given a stern warning from the Archangels of Heaven! Saint Nicholas was not allowed to interfere with large scale human affairs under the terms of The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Santa has always been known to skirt this agreement as he yearned to bring peace to humankind. During 1941 World War II he saved some Jewish children from being taken away by Nazi soldiers in Poland. That is when he learned about the horrors of the concentration camps. Santa Claus was about to launch a supernatural assault and liberate a camp when Santa’s Archangel Father appeared telling him he had to let these atrocities play out. Humankind needed to see their worst before they could rise to their best in future centuries. Their destiny was ascension to Godhood that would ultimately surpass the power of even the Archangels! This was the wish of the holy Omniverse Lord. Santa reluctantly obeyed his Father’s wishes and the direct order of Heaven itself!🎄

Not Even World War Can Stop The Spirit Of Christmas!

On Christmas Eve 1942 Santa Claus made his appointed gift rounds with a demeanor that was more sullen than jolly. The Spirit Of Christmas was weak as the winds of world war waged its toll upon Mother Earth. Father Christmas had the power to stop the war with the full arsenal of his Demi-Angel powers! Unfortunately, his hands were tied! Santa instead tried to focus on making the kids at home have a Merry Christmas. It was difficult to be excited for even the most wonderful gifts as their Fathers fought and died for the fate of the free world! Some found their Mothers taken away by work, the war effort, or as causalities themselves! Then there were those children living in the heart of war on the European front! Santa mustered up all the joy he could in his hallowed heart to give the innocent children the best Christmas possible.

Something Wicked Warps The Christmas Spirit

Sometime after Midnight the Great Claus and his flying sleigh pulled by nine reindeer descended on Derry, Maine. A town said to be a work of fiction in Stephen King’sIT” novels and movies. It mysteriously appeared on no maps with zero mention of it in any real world publications. The town had been under a sinister spell since it was established in the 18th century! That of Pennywise, aka the IT clown, who was born of The Spirit Of Fear billions of years ago! This cursed power cloaked what was going on there. This even extended to Santa until he heard the screams of kids in a sewer below! Santa was to finally find out why the Spirit Of Christmas always felt wickedly warped in this community.

Santa Claus Enters The Dark Dirty Domain Of Pennywise!

Father Christmas ripped off a manhole cover as if it was cardboard! It went flying and hit one of his two helper Elves in the head. He fell down but quickly got up rubbing his head while saying, “Errr gosh Santa you hit my widdle noggin!” Santa looked back and replied, “Oh sorry my little Elf! Sometimes I don’t know my own strength!” The Elf answered, “That’s okay Santa. The stars I’m seeing are so beautiful!” Elves are a lot tougher than they look! Santa then dropped into the dark cold sewer as it began to lightly snow. He sloshed through the mucky grey water following the sounds of distressed children screaming in terror amid maniacal laughter. For a second Santa thought it was the Anti-Claus but he didn’t sense his evil twin brother was afoot. Instead, something far more ancient and dark was locally destroying the Christmas Spirit.

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Father Christmas Saves Innocent Kids From Certain Doom!

Santa entered a large chamber and was shocked to see silent and still children floating above. In front of him, he saw the spookiest looking Santa Claus ever! It wasn’t the Dark Claus but it was someone posing as him. His eyes glowed orange as he displayed his razor-sharp teeth cackling with terrifying intensity! He had lured the kids into the sewer with a promise of Christmas presents. Santa burst forth from the shadows and yelled, “How dare you twist my image for your wicked ways you blasphemous beast!” Suddenly the Claus impostor stopped laughing and shape shifted to that of a cringe-worthy clown. The clown was the infamous IT, aka Pennywise! He fell silent as he looked a bit shocked. Santa quickly got in between Pennywise and the kids as he instructed them to run down the tunnel. There his Elves helped them out of the sewer.🤡

The Dark Clown vs Father Christmas

Pennywise attempted to go after the kids but Santa belted him in the face causing his red nose to fly off. The clown looked a bit scared as Santa bellowed, “What in the unholy hell is this insanity?” He looked up at the floating kids and used his telekinesis to override the dark force keeping them aloft. As they slowly lowered he was disgusted by what he saw. He would have his work cut out for him healing and resurrecting these poor children! Pennywise sprung up and screamed, “You’re ruining my frightful fun! You must die old man!” Clearly, the clown’s telepathic ability to make adults apathetic wasn’t working. So he tried to sense Santa’s greatest fear. Indeed he gleaned a vision of a post-Armageddon world where the Devil’s demonic minions won. He warped reality around Santa to make him think he was in this hellish future.

Pennywise Plays On Santa’s Worst Fears!

Santa was horrified as he stood in the middle of a muddy battlefield littered with bloody bodies as flames were lit everywhere. The sun was blocked by eerie dark clouds amid orange hellfire streaming between them. Not one tree was left while the smell of brimstone hung heavy in the hot air. Dark ash reigned down around the Great Claus. In the distance, the shrill screams of tortured humans tugged at Santa’s heartstrings. Suddenly the Anti-Claus, aka a shapeshifted Pennywise, appeared and said, “It’s not too late for you brother! Join us on the dark side and we can rule Earth in the Devils name!” Santa yelled, “Never!” Santa was confused but began to realize he was experiencing the reality warping powers of Pennywise. Santa pushed the Anti-Claus away and screamed, “You’re not my brother clown!” Pennywise then changed into the quintessential image of the Devil complete with horns.  Satan angrily bellowed, “I will bring you and all that you love to your knees! You’re no match for me you hybrid abomination!”

Santa Fears The Devil And A Loss At Armageddon!

The 12 foot tall Devil then picked up Santa by his neck and lifted him up while laughing in a wild sinister manner. The Emperor Of Hell had literal fire in his eyes that began to shoot toward Santa’s face. Santa was choking before shooting energy from his own eyes that appeared white with glittering snowflakes in it. It canceled the Devil’s fire beams and hit him in the face! The Devil fell to the ground screaming and the apocalyptic environment around him disappeared revealing they never left the sewer chamber. Pennywise returned to clown form now quite scared which thereby weakened his powers that feed off kids fear. Santa stood over him pointed his hands at the clown as warm amber energy engulfed him. Santa implored, “Let the Holy Spirit Of Christmas wash away the wickedness of whatever the equivalent of your soul is! See the light and let humankind be!” Pennywise shot back, “Never! I’ll never rest until I feast upon everyone’s fright ridden flesh you weak animals!” Santa then said, “You’re the animal! It pains me to take this drastic action to end your reign of terror!”

Santa Smacks Down Pennywise!

Pennywise grabbed Santa’s legs and pulled him to the ground as he jumped on top of him to lie face to face. He tried to take a blasphemous bite out of Santa in a last-ditch attempt to win this battle of good vs evil. However, Santa easily kicked him away into a concrete wall caused it to crumble. The defeated clown lay in the smelly muck shaking. He stewed in the very fear he loved to feed off innocent children like the complete coward that he is! The very core of Santa’s angelic soul was to never harm and certainly not kill any living being! However, exceptions had to be made in the case of pure evil for the greater good of all! Saint Nicholas was about to put this denizen of darkness out of his misery but he saw what a pathetic coward Pennywise was. He was nothing without the power to grow fear in children ready for his horrifying harvest!

The Downfall Of Pennywise

Santa sensed there as an extremely powerful Darkness that made Pennywise essentially amortal. Therefore it would have been futile to kill him as he would eventually resurrect. He tried to banish him to another dimension but a mysterious force kept him bound to Derry, Maine. Finally, he decided to bind Pennywise in the same type of holy silver shackles that kept the Anti-Christmas monster Krampus in check for several centuries. After this task, Santa set his sights on healing the previously floating kids that were still alive. They were beginning to awake from their nightmarish coma. They began crying and Santa calmed them while sending healing angel energy from his hands. He hummed Christmas tunes as he began resurrecting some of the kids. However, after three he felt weakened by all the expended energy. It was then that the Angel Of Death appeared telling him the rest were destined to reside in Heaven now. Of course, like all fallen children they could come back to Earth to visit Santa’s North Pole City. Santa lowered his head in silence for the fallen he could not save as he witnessed the kid’s souls swirl to Heavenly bliss. He then directed the living kids down the sewer tunnel to rendezvous at his bright red sleigh.

The Eternal Tomb Of IT?

Before leaving Father Christmas punched the supports to the chamber entrance. It came crashing down loudly. As the entrance became blocked with heavy concrete debris Santa could hear Pennywise whimpering like a baby, “Don’t leave me without my precious scared kids!” Father Christmas then recited several Enochian Angel Magic incantations to supernaturally seal the chamber. Santa hoped this would be Pennywise’s tomb of eternal rest so he could no longer harm another child on Earth! As he walked away down the dark tunnel an ominous bright red balloon floated past him. Santa popped it before accidentally stepping on a paper boat clearly made by a child.

A Very Merry Derry Christmas

Santa found the kids waiting by the sleigh. They were eating candy canes provided by the Elves as they played with the reindeer. However, they were fearful of Rudolph’s red nose being similar to Pennywise’s clown nose. Santa reassured them all was well before flying them to their homes and wiping their nightmarish memories away. Naturally, they were replaced with visions of sugar plum fairies! As he delivered gifts throughout Derry he spread good cheer and sent forth the Spirit Of Christmas to wash away all apathy, fear, and despair! While leaving for the next community his warm laughter echoed majestically through the somber winter night, “Ho ho ho Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” In the shadows of the pine trees below a Santa like figure emerged. It was the real Anti-Claus whispering to himself, “Oh dear brother we cannot let a delightful darkness like Pennywise be locked away for too long!” He then let loose a loud fast repeating cackle that abruptly stopped as he entered a nearby sewer tunnel…🎅

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