How President Ronald Reagan Met Santa Claus

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Ronald Reagan was one of the few Presidents with knowledge of the paranormal world before his Presidency. Once a President takes the oath of office he is read into the supernatural secrets of the Paranormal Defence Agency. This includes the existence of Santa Claus. Unfortunately, Santa is ridiculously seen as a dangerous invader of US airspace, and is on the government’s most-wanted list of supernatural beings! However, Ronald Reagan had met him once before in his early days of taking on vampires, and werewolves while serving as a lifeguard in 1920’s Dixon, Illinois. Some locals called him Ronnie The Vampire Slayer! Although others who knew the full extent of his enchanted exploits in the protection of humankind knew him as Dutch The Destroyer!

The Abominable Snowman Attacks!

One fateful Christmas evening in 1929 Ronald was out for a leisurely stroll in the gently falling snow when all of a sudden he heard screams for help. Some fool found himself in the ice-cold Rock River. The man was struggling to stay afloat when Reagan jumped in to save him. He got to the panicking man just as he began to sink under the surface. It seemed Reagan had saved the drowning victim as he fought the shock of the insanely cold water. While swimming back an Abominable Snowman, also called the Yeti, surged from the dark waters letting loose a terrifying roar! Reagan had seen his fair share of paranormal creatures even at this early stage in his life. However this blasphemous beast of 9 feet was unlike anything he had ever seen, and he was ill-equipped to battle it in the cold deep water! Both him, and the man he was trying to save, were dragged down by the abomination!  All hope appeared to be lost until bright green, and red lights pierced the murky depths!

Santa Saves The Day!

A large figure dressed in red appeared above the Yeti and grabbed the mighty beast with one hand jerking him clean out of the river.  Reagan and the other man were pulled up as well. Almost instantly they found themselves hovering above the water in Santa’s sleigh pulled by nine reindeer. Ronald couldn’t believe his eyes as he came face to face with Father Christmas, and two Elves sitting in the back seat! Santa lay his healing hands upon both men as instant warmth was felt! Any hint of pain associated with their icy ordeal vanished as well. Santa merrily boomed, “Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas boys!”

The Final Battle

At that point, the Abominable Snowman that had been launched onto shore growled in a menacing rage. He super jumped madly toward the sleigh but Santa lifted his hand hitting the mad monster with some type of amber energy beam. The snow-white beast fell into the water sloshing about with his roars echoing throughout the previously silent night. Santa shot away in the sleigh to drop the men at their respective homes before resuming his Christmas deliveries. Before leaving Reagan at his house, he informed him he would be the President Of The United States someday. Santa got a psychic vision after feeling the future power Ronald would wield. It’s unknown if President Reagan ever met Santa ever again after that? We know that he downgraded Santa’s status on the Most Wanted List. Unfortunately, it was restored when George Bush took office.

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