The Super Powers Of Santa Claus

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As a Demi-Archangel Saint, Santa Claus has an extensive array of superpowers and magical abilities. This, of course, includes extremely enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. Although, he must temper his use of them so as not to interfere in human affairs to the extent of violating The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Santa Claus is definitely the most powerful physical entity on our planet! He could easily be a God and take over Earth bringing forth peace and paradise. Unfortunately, he is forbidden to do so by the edict of Heavenly neutrality. A core wish of God himself. Santa draws powers from his Archangel half and in turn utilizes Enochain Angel Magic via that part of himself.

He also derives powers from his Sainthood status that is bestowed upon human ascended Angels by the will of the human collective consciousness. This is also respected by the Archangels of Heaven as well. It gives these Saints special access to the power of human souls and therefore grants Santa extraordinary access to his own human soul. Then there the fact that being a living Saint musters forth even more enchanted energies. Then we have The Spirit Of Christmas and its own entanglement with the global Human Collective Consciousness. A supernatural holiday spirit that utilizes Santa as a conduit to the world! With such an extensive power base one would think Father Christmas is invincible. However, since his evil twin brother The Anti-Claus has his own dark soul intertwined with Santa it makes the Demi-ArchDemon a comparable foe!

To some extent, Santa has some level of every Psychokinetic Power but he’s probably only tried a fraction of them. Plausibly he could have the full array of Omnikinetic powers available in our reality to the extent of actually possessing the Omniverse Lord himself! This would require him to be power hungry along with selfishly increasing the Anti-Claus’s hellish powers as well! He avoids this negative effect by often utilizing magical spells and potions in place of his direct power. Direct powers he has used include healing powers, teleportation, chronokinesis (time travel), precognition, retrocognition, telekinesis, telepathy, hypnosis, Zoopathy, astral projection, and levitation just to name a few. There’s also localized Weather Manipulation powers to calm blizzards as he delivers his gifts.

Santa has the ability to see every non-corporeal being in the vicinity. This includes Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, Fairies, Demons, Poltergeist, Ghosts, Jinn and anything that would normally be invisible to human and even most paranormal eyes. He also has powers of invisibility when necessary. We thank God Santa is the quintessence of goodness with such power and its frightening potential!