The North Pole City Solar Eclipse

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The holy Christmas Star lies low in the sky as the Solar Eclipse commences.

On June 10, 2021 northern regions, including the North Pole, experienced an Annular Solar Eclipse. An Annular Eclipse occurs when the Moon is far enough away to not completely block out the sun thus creating an alluring Ring Of Fire around it. On the other hand, a Total Eclipse blocks out the whole sun creating spooky darkness! Although there was a Total Eclipse on March 20, 2015, North Pole City wasn’t in the path of totality and only saw about 77.7% of the Sun covered. Interestingly enough somewhere far away within the dark path, the Anti-Christ was born that year!

North Pole City Astronomy

During the various Solar Eclipses, there are holy ceremonies that take place at North Pole City. The Ring Of Fire around an Annular Eclipse is actually considered unholy light. Vampires and other demonic creatures of the night are free to roam about the day during such an astronomical event.  The light is made unholy due to filtering through the Moon. This is the same paranormal process that aid in Werewolf transformation! When the eclipse occurs at Saint Nicholas’s heavenly haven the Christmas Star deviates from its normal figure-eight pattern at the highest point in the sky. This is directly above the giant Christmas tree at the center of the winter wonderland. The holy star sinks low to the horizon just before the eclipse and remains there until the event has ended. The world’s only sky-embedded star then rises back to its blessed position once again. In the photo at the top of this page, it is the white light surrounded by pink skies to the left.

The Eclipse Of Enchantment Ceremony

Naturally, Santa Claus can’t have an unholy light cascading across the holiest place on Earth. Therefore The Eclipse Of Enchantment Ceremony takes place to cleanse the light and bless it holy. In his capacity as Saint Nicholas, and the world’s only Demi-Angel, he partakes of the sacred ritual to call upon the Angels of Heaven. As this happens an armada of white glimmering lights dance downward from the skies amid an orchestra of the most beautiful music ever heard on Earth! This lasted for the entire 3 minutes and 37 seconds the complete eclipse lasted (Complete Eclipse Duration: 2 hours, 13 minutes). The paranormal process causes the holy metaphysical energies of Heaven to make the Ring Of Fire powerfully holy! The lights enchanted energy then mega charges the cloaking and protection spells of North Pole City. This reserves more power for The Christmas Spirit in its quest for righteousness on Earth.

The Enchanted Eclipse Celebration

After the Solar Eclipse has ended there is a city-wide celebration that lasts well past Midnight! The enchanted energies supercharge everyone with giant jubilation beyond anything a ton of candy could provide! Some residents and visitors don’t even sleep for days! There is also a special banquet where one worthy individual gets an Enchanted Eclipse Ring made of magically imbued sparkling gold. It is manufactured by Elves, Leprechauns, and a few solar deities on good terms with Santa. He then blesses the ring ultra holy after it has rested in a mystical light focusing chamber during the eclipse itself. Anyone who wears it is said to have protection and luck above what would be normally expected. Thankfully, it will not work on a dark denizen, like a vampire, who could then walk in the daylight forever!

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March 20, 2015 North Pole Solar Eclipse

Next Solar Eclipse At The North Pole

The next eclipse at North Pole City will be a Total Solar Eclipse on August 12th, 2026. However, it will be out of the complete path of totality. Over 90% of the Sun will be obstructed by the Moon thus creating unholy light. Therefore there will be another Eclipse Of Enchantment Ceremony.