Who Is The Christmas Family?

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In order to maintain balance within The Spirit Of Christmas one lucky family must be chosen from outside the supernatural world each year. This is due to the fact that it’s easy to believe in Santa Claus when you can casually visit him at North Pole City. Virtually everyone visiting the North Pole has some connection to the paranormal world. Therefore someone from outside that supernatural sphere is essential to aid in the channeling of the Spirit Of The Season to Humankind. They’re an average family in most respects but beyond exceptional when it comes to The Christmas Spirit surging through their very hearts and souls. They are the worthiest family in any given year and rank highest collectively on the Nice List.

Santa cautiously approaches them at their home on the morning of December 23rd in the guise of a fake Santa collecting for charity. Slowly but surely he reveals his true nature in a way that won’t shock them. Although children have absolute belief in Santa adults face the logic of the world presented to them. Even if they are brimming with the Christmas Spirit. After displaying his powers Saint Nicholas is met with tears of joy as hugs make their rounds. That’s when Santa brings in some elves and a few talking reindeer. They then teleport to North Pole City for a quick tour before deciding if they want to live there for one year as The Christmas Family. The quintessential family who will represent all of humankind while becoming a part of The Christmas Spirit. As of yet, nobody has said no to all the terms of the agreement!

The family is teleported home to pack and returns by evening. They agree to inform nobody but who would believe them anyway? There’s no need to get their affairs in order since they will be sent back in time at the end of the year to resume their life as it was. The memory of the North Pole remains only in the subconscious mind. When they dream about their time with Santa they will actually astral project to the North Pole for what they believe to be beyond vivid dreams. This will occur more so in kids. At some point, they may begin comparing dreams and surfaced subconscious memories. If they ever intuitively manage to return on their own they can stay forever! All it would take is to find the mystical roads around the world leading to the winter wonderland. Some have made their way back individually and as a family. If they never return they will remember everything when they die just before entering the heavenly light of the afterlife. Saint Nicholas then appears in Angelic form to give them the option to live there as ascended beings who may go to Heaven at any time.

On the morning of Christmas Eve, a ceremony takes place welcoming The Christmas Family as North Pole citizens. A hearty breakfast is served as Santa eats thrice more than usual to fuel up for his Christmas deliveries. For the rest of the year, they are goodwill ambassadors who work under Frosty The Snowman in welcoming visitors to the sainted city. They also help out wherever they like. The family is given a large home with a panoramic view of all things Christmas. The righteous residence isn’t too far from Claus Manor, home of Santa and his family. As they absorb the direct Christmas Spirit throughout the year they become progressively Superhuman. By the end of the year, they are in essence supernatural and a new family must be chosen. While in the confines of the holy city they don’t age so returning to their life a year back in time is no issue. The return restores their normal human physiology. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to become the official Christmas Family!🎅

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