Did Santa Claus Ever Meet Jesus Christ?

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Yes, Santa Claus has indeed met Jesus Christ, the first son of the Omniverse God, on several occasions. This includes the one time Santa was in Heaven upon his death at the hands of the Anti-Claus on December 6th, 343 AD. While in Heaven he was able to witness Christ in his complete magnificent metaphysical form. Although, that wasn’t the first time he met the most famous Demigod and Vice-Lord of the Omniverse. Despite being born almost 235 years after the death of Christ, Santa was able to meet Jesus via time travel. As a Demi-Angel, Santa, or Nicholas at the time, accidentally stumbled upon his developing chronokinetic powers at age 16. He spontaneously traveled fifteen minutes back in time to meet himself.  Naturally 15 minutes before that happened he was shocked to meet his future self.

The Miracle Of Time Travel Grants Santa His First Meeting With Jesus!

Santa gently cradles the Baby Jesus.
Santa gently cradles the Baby Jesus in this figurine recreation. [Paid Ad]
After that, Santa began practicing time travel but he found the further back he traveled the more energy was drained from him. He also found himself greatly weakened, and in need of ever longer recovery times. At age 19 he finally traveled back to the year 1 AD to meet the Baby Jesus, and officially become a part of the First Christmas! The Three Wise Men Magi sensed his holy nature and he was allowed to approach the Christ child. He technically gave Jesus the first Christmas gift when he presented a rattle he had made. Although it was actually the fourth gift after the Three Wise Men’s presents. When Santa was 24 he visited Jesus in his 30th year of life. Jesus had complete knowledge of Saint Nicholas’s importance in the future. They discussed the state of reality and the destiny of humankind.

Santa Claus Witnesses The Death Of Jesus Christ

Finally, at age 32 Santa went back to witness the Crucifixion of the Lord’s son. When speaking of this he begins to weep, and says it was the most horrific thing he ever saw! Santa openly admits he actually went back a bit earlier in an effort to save Jesus from the Romans. However, Jesus himself implored Santa to let history take its predestined course. In reality, Christ knew the Romans weren’t the real threat but a mysterious force from beyond the Omniverse who had a vendetta with his Father. They are the ones who weakened Jesus so the Romans could murder him! Had Santa tried to intervene he might have been wiped from the very face of the Earth before Christmas ever truly got started!

Faith Is Easy When One Actually Sees The Resurrection Of Lord Christ!

Saint Nicholas And Baby Jesus Figurine [Paid Ad]
At age 33 Saint Nicholas visited Jesus at the time of his Resurrection, and ascension to Heaven. He communed with Christ while prolific wisdom and extraordinary knowledge were passed on to Saint Nicholas. Interestingly enough, he met the Easter Bunny for the first time since the little fella did some time-traveling of his own to meet Jesus. From the Easter Bunny’s viewpoint, he would actually meet Santa for the first time hundreds of years in the future. This was Santa’s final time travel expedition until after his own death and resurrection at the age of 73. Until then he vowed to rely mostly on the power of prayer and faith in the Holy Lord to perform miracles. Living as a human for a natural lifespan is a Demi-Angel rite of passage before immortality.

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Temporal Pollution Necessitates An End To Time Travel

Santa Claus visits the Christ Child.
Santa Claus visits the Christ Child figurine recreation. [Paid Ad]
In later centuries Santa partook of a holy visit to the Baby Jesus once every century. Although be it at a discreet distance where nobody, including his past self, saw him. With each visit, he was forced further away in the shadows as he witnesses his past selves growing in number. Although, he did start using invisibility spells to cloak his presence. Despite that, there is the issue of polluting the timeline. Had he appeared too many times in the past he could have very well been mentioned in the Bible. The holy Powers That Be decided belief in Santa should be a whole other layer of faith. Not to mention they didn’t want to explain time travel in the holy scriptures! In the year 2000, he paid his last physical visit to the Baby Jesus and will now only travel back in invisible Astral Projection form. Santa did go back again at other times in Jesus’s life to witness sermons and other events from afar in disguise. However, he has halted those visits as well.

Prayers Directly Answered By Jesus!

Santa Claus is one of the few people on Earth who can pray to Jesus Christ and actually get a spoken reply. Although he keeps the direct prayers to Jesus minimal so as not to annoy him. Plausibly the Vice-Lord Christ gets trillions of prayers from Parallel Universes and Multiverses within the greater Omniverse! Most of Saint Nicholas’s prayers are the equivalent of a rhetorical question so no direct reply is required. Santa also gets the treat of Jesus being his Santa on Christmas. The Holy Christ leaves a gift for Santa under his Christmas tree in Claus Manor. Santa’s perpetually young kids, Nicholas and Mary, always try to wait up to see Jesus come down the chimney. Unfortunately, they always mysteriously fall asleep!

That Time God Himself Responded To Santa’s Holy Prayer!

Santa pays homage to Baby Jesus. Purchase Art Print [Paid Ad]
Usually, Santa just prays to God who almost never answers anyone directly.  However, on one occasion God whispered, “I’m proud of you my Son.”  It sounded like the most beautiful voice ever imbued with enchanted emotion and magical musical tones. It brought tears of joy to Santa’s eyes that lasted for hours!  In addition, he does communicate with Angels and Archangels as well. This includes his Archangel Father Sarandiel, and his human Mother Marcia now an Angel in Heaven.  Both return on occasion in biological metaphysical matter form to visit him. Particularly for Santa’s Christmas dinners.  Although they more often appear as metaphysical energy ghost-like beings.

The Return Of Jesus Christ

Santa eagerly awaits the return of Jesus Christ at the conclusion of Armageddon.  Although, he makes a point of inviting him to Christmas, and Easter dinners every so often in the hopes of him taking biological form. In his eyes, it would be the highest honor, and most beloved guest to have second only to God himself. It’s rumored Jesus Christ will appear at Santa’s Christmas dinner in a spiritual form not long before the final battle of Armageddon.

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