Santa’s Workshop Attacked By A Polar Bear!

The Saturday Night Live skit in the video above portrays a fire taking place at Santa’s Workshop after a licorice lamp was knocked over by fleeing Elves. This was caused by a rampaging polar bear that somehow got through an electrified fence. The blasphemous beast chased down innocent Elves as they screamed in terror! Some were even eaten alive! Apparently, this is all reported on a North Pole News TV Network. In reality there is a local television network that broadcasts news and events to visitors of the real North Pole City.

The inaccuracies of this event start with the Elves who are actually quite small in stature compared to those portrayed in the video. That being said there are Human Elves enchanted by Santa Claus and The Spirit Of Christmas. Licorice Lamps are real. More or less they look like a giant rope of red glowing licorice either on a stand or hanging from the ceiling. It’s doubtful one could start a fire. Fires can be started by accident at North Pole City. However it is extremely difficult due to various protection spells on most everything!

There’s no electrified fence keeping animals out but there is a giant glacial wall around the entire winter wonderland. Entrances can be found around the perimeter if one has the Christmas Spirit in their hearts or is of complete innocence. This means any animal such as a polar bear could wander in. In fact there are plenty of polar bears roaming about the Christmas Village. They are gentle giants who can often be seen giving Elves and kids rides. Once any animal enters they become a noble enchanted beast of peace. Further magical enchantments allow for speech and the minimum level of intelligence required to utilize it. So the rabid polar bear attacks witnessed in the SNL skit would never happen. Especially with those aforementioned protection spells under the light of the holy Christmas Star. North Pole City is virtually the safest place on Earth!🎄