What Is The Witching Hour & When Is It?

Witching HourThe Witching Hour is a time of increased supernatural activity that begins at Midnight every night.  Officially it takes place between 12:00 AM to 12:59 AM.  However it’s effects continue for hours into the demonic Devil’s HourHalloween is the most powerful of these Witching Hours due to the forces of evil annually marshaling forth in an effort to take over the paranormal planet.  The nightly Witching Hour is a time when most non-demonic paranormal activity is at it’s height. However demonic activity can be present in isolated circumstances.  The Witching Hour is the ideal time to practice magic, witchcraft in particular, which is how the hour got it’s name.  In ancient times dark witches were consistently found to be mischief making at Midnight.  The reason supernatural activity is so prominent, and the powers of magic at it’s height are due to the forces of darkness claiming the hour as it’s own along with the surrounding nocturnal hours as well.  The forces of goodness thrive in the light of the holy sun whose light of origin comes from the heavenly plane through the mediary quantum particles known as photons.  This is why Vampires perish within it’s righteous rays.  The pinnacle of this power is at Noon when the sun is at it’s zenith.  So naturally goodness would be at it’s weakest point when the sun if furthest away from this point which is at Midnight when the Moon is at it’s zenith.  The Moon has always had a place in the world of paranormal evil.  It’s silvery surface warps the suns rays allowing for evil to reside in celestial light rather than pitch blackness.  This also plays a role in the dark magic of the witching hour.

Another reason for the evil of the witching hour, and the increased supernatural activity it brings, is the simple fact that most people are asleep.  So the collective consciousness of human goodness, including the pure innocence of children in particular,  interacting subconsciously with the pure thought foundation of our reality is at it’s weakest which allows various non-corporeal entities to more easily slip into our dimension of reality from higher dimensions.  This includes demons, poltergeists, ghosts, and various other sinister spirits.  Many humans are in fact sub-consciously in the dream plane between life and death as their consciousness lies dormant within their nightly slumber.  So in essence there’s a temporary exchange between good human souls, and the souls of evil from higher dimensions keeping the cosmos in balance.  So between the lack of holy sun, the mystical pull of the moon, the lack of good human consciousness,  the intermittent lack of human sub-conscious activity as they temporarily reside in the dream plane, the temporary exchange of good souls for evil souls, and the practicing of the various dark magics by witches, wizards, warlocks, and sorcerers, we have the paranormal power of the witching hour, and all the hellish havoc that it wreaks upon a seemingly silent night.  While you lie asleep within the cloak of darkness, there are unspeakable abominations taking place.  Abominations being fought against on the mystical front battle lines by brave supernatural warriors who have dedicated their lives to being paranormal professionals despite the dark dangers of the wretched Witching Hour.