A Demi-Angel is a Human-Angel Hybrid. It’s a Heavenly-sanctioned union with permission from the Archangel hierarchy. It’s said to have the blessing of God himself! It occurs within the rare scenario of a Human and Heavenly Angel full of grace being soulmates. They are allowed to mate in a holy non-physical way. Something akin to an immaculate conception. It always results in twins being born with one destined to fall to the dark side to maintain balance in our reality. The evil twin eventually becomes a Demi-Demon. This is a much rarer case than the related Nephilim. This is the result of a human and Fallen Angel without the grace of God, partaking in a purely physical union not sanctioned by Heaven.

The Demi-Angel Santa Claus

The only known Demi-Angel in human history is Santa Claus aka Saint Nicholas with his evil twin brother being Claude Claus aka The Anti-Claus. However, history as we know it isn’t the full story. Humans have grown into a modern high-tech global society of billions many times before. Each time, an apocalypse occurred sending us back to the Stone Age. The last one was nearly 13,000 years ago, when a comet hit the glaciers of the Ice Age causing catastrophic worldwide flooding. It’s the source of our ancient flood myths, such as Noah’s Ark! In these lost civilizations, there were most likely Demi-Angels and perhaps other Santa Claus’s.