What Does Santa Claus Do On Thanksgiving?

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On Thanksgiving morning Santa Claus makes an appearance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For the record, theoretically that isn’t really him on the parade float as he must adhere to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Although who is to say he doesn’t set forth a Glamour and actually ride in the sleigh? Instead, he meets with various important members of the paranormal world in a secret room at Macy’s. These people usually bring their kids who gleefully tell Santa what they want for Christmas. There is a discussion of his Christmas plans, the general state of the supernatural world, and various threats from the forces of darkness including the nefarious Anti-Claus! The real Santa then mills about the New York City crowds incognito while enjoying the parade with Mrs. Claus and his children Nick and Mary. He has also been known to pose as a mall Santa for a few hours to hear what random kids want for Christmas. (Note: No such crowds in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic)

Santa Claus Pardons The Official Turkey Of Thanksgiving

In the afternoon the Claus Family returns to North Pole City for a special ceremony. Each year Santa pardons the official Turkey of Thanksgiving. Santa himself intuitively detects that one turkey on Earth whom the Spirit Of Thanksgiving chooses as its conduit. An innocent soul who makes sure all goes well with the holiday. After Thanksgiving metaphysical energies from the Thanksgiving Spirit are melded into The Spirit Of Christmas thereby giving it a rather large boost! These enchanted energies are used to quell discord and aid in peace around the world. In addition, the forces of righteousness tap into them to battle paranormal perplexities that might cause evil to flourish on Earth!

The Thanksgiving Turkey Is Rewarded With Sensational Sentience And The Power Of Speech!

The honored Thanksgiving Turkey is usually a farm turkey whose bleak future lies on a dinner table. The lucky gobbler is whisked away by sleigh to the North Pole. Near the giant Christmas tree in the middle of downtown North Pole City, a stage is erected to kick off Thanksgiving Day festivities and conduct the pardoning ceremony. In the name of Mother Nature, the Turkey is not only saved from becoming the main dish of someone’s Thanksgiving dinner but also granted immortality. Something all residents of Santa’s winter wonderland enjoy whether human, supernatural being, or animal!

All animals at North Pole City gain intelligent speech! So naturally, the Turkey takes to the podium to declare the name they’ve chosen for themselves. Often they speak of the atrocities their turkey brothers and sisters endure all year round. That’s when a prayer and moment of silence are given in memory of the fallen feathered ones past, present, and future! After that somber moment, the Turkey leads a Thanksgiving parade throughout the North Pole that includes past pardoned immortal Turkeys who live there in the district known as Turkey Town.

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The First North Pole Thanksgiving Dinner

Although the Claus Family partakes of a more intimate Thanksgiving Dinner in the evening at Claus Manor, they of course share a meal with everyone at North Pole City. Chef Elves and Mrs. Claus prepare a meal for hundreds of guests in the Grand Banquet Hall. Every resident and guest of the winter wonderland attends after the parade. This includes animals and sentient animated toys. It is quite a supernatural spectacle to witness!

The Second Thanksgiving Dinner At Santa Claus’s House

As evening approaches Santa, Mrs. Claus, their kids, and honored guests partake of a seriously scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner! This includes members of the supernatural community who are Native Americans and descendants of the Pilgrims. Interestingly enough, one of the oldest paranormal organizations in America was founded by these two groups. Amazingly, the spirits of Pilgrims and Indians who attended the first Thanksgiving dinner make an appearance! At the head of the table is the pardoned Turkey who is able to magically operate his or her wings like human hands in order to use utensils and eat with pride! Various fantastic foods are prepared in Mrs. Claus’s mystical kitchen. This, of course, includes what appears to be turkey! However, rest assured these are enchanted essences magically derived from plant material. Often the Turkey tries a bite and everyone shares a lighthearted laugh…as the turkey darts their eyes about nervously…🦃 Happy Thanksgiving To All And To All A Thankful Day!

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