Does Santa Get My Letters?

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The unbelieving postal services of the world generally consider kid’s letters to Santa Claus as undeliverable fantasies. This includes the US Post Office, a quasi-agency of the United States Government. In the past, these letters would end up in the Dead Letter Office (DLO) which is now known as the Mail Recovery Center (MRC). Generally, this is the place undeliverable letters with no return address arrive at. Thankfully, they don’t want to dash children’s dreams and choose to keep Christmas letters even with a return address. These Christmas wishes to Santa would often be burned to ashes.🎅

The Burning Of Letters To Santa Claus?

In ancient times children would burn their letters to Santa in the hearth. There was a magical belief that the ashes would rise up into the smoke and out the chimney. The winter winds guided by The Spirit Of Christmas carrying them aloft to North Pole City for Santa to mystically reassemble and read. Indeed this is what happens to any mail addressed to Santa if they are a true believer. This paranormal process happens due to Santa’s Angelic consciousness mingling with the Christmas Spirit. Even today some families continue this tradition! In the distant past, it derived from the fact that letter delivery was an expensive luxury only for the rich. In modern times it’s more likely that paper would be shredded and recycled. That particular dead mail mysteriously disappears from postal facilities around the world before it’s destroyed!🔥

The Investigations Into Mysteriously Disappearing Santa Letters

Secret levels of the US government including the PDA (Paranormal Defense Agency), FBI, and CIA continue to investigate what happens to these letters. The Paranormal Defense Agency is aware of Santa Claus but believes he is a sinister supernatural threat rather than a benevolent Angel-Human Hybrid. Some actually think he’s an alien! The US Government places Santa Claus as number one on their Ten Most Wanted Paranormal List as they considered him an unauthorized invader into their air space each Christmas Eve! There is also evidence of his extraordinary powers that could in theory compromise the security of the government and possibly be used in a coup attempt. They believe all the righteous tales of Saint Nicholas are actually propaganda to get the people on his side. Yes, the government is being quite silly about this! They even went so far as to send a black ops team to North Pole City in July of 2016. It was the first time they finally located it after searching for decades. Luckily, their mission failed and the government has been unable to locate Santa’s supernatural stronghold ever again!🔎

Christmas Presents In Santa’s Name

Any letters not destined for destruction end up in the US Postal Service Operation Santa Program. Under this program letters to Father Christmas are forwarded to charitable organizations and kind-heated individuals who reply to the letters. They also include what was asked for to the best of their abilities. These donations of toys and other items are of particular importance to the less fortunate. Santa approves of these people taking his place in The Christmas Spirit. The same goes for parents who don’t mail their child’s letter or choose to fish them out of the mailbox. Despite the parents not believing they are noble in their cause to grant kids gifts in the name of Santa. Thus keeping the faith of his existence alive in their innocent hearts!🎁

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How Does Santa Get Children’s Letters?

Any additional mail is confiscated by stealthy Elves via teleportation and paranormal portals. They often are wearing invisibility cloaks or cast enchantments so they can enter postal facilities undetected. This may include letters slated for Operation Santa or similar programs if Santa or his Elves detect something extra special about the letter. Every single letter makes it to Santa’s desk much in the same way every prayer reaches God. This is an enchanted effect of his Angel half. Santa’s supernatural speed-reading powers allow him to read each and every letter. In some cases, he replies even if it technically violates the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. The cover story is that only the kids believe it’s from Santa while the adults assume it’s from a volunteer charity program. Somewhat the same as when Santa Claus sometimes poses as a Mall Santa during Christmas. Ultimately, every letter received by the North Pole City Post Office ends up in the prestigious Hall Of Letters for eternal posterity!💌

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