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The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is the premier paranormal purveyor of perplexing pandemics! His was one of many Plague Doctors who came into existence to aid in battling the 14th Century Black Death of the Bubonic Plague. However, he choose to stoke the blasphemous bacteria forth across Europe! His real name is Dr. Darius Maximilian and he […]


The Origins, History & Powers Of The Sirens Of The Sea The Merfolk commonly known as Mermaids or Mermen are supernatural mammals who appear human from the waist up and fish like from the waist down. The fish half can vary in color among Mermaids, and can include crimson, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. […]

Zombie Apocalypse Readiness Action Portal

Zombie Apocalypse Grey Alert. Higher than average hordes of heinous zombies detected around the world! There is an increased probability of a Zombie Apocalypse! This is due to The Double Blood Moons Of The Halloween Season! Zombie Hunters & Paranormal Professionals are the field to prevent escalation to walking dead epidemics. All Zombie Alert Conditions […]

The Supernatural Beings Battle Portal

This page will list the various supernatural stories on our site that feature paranormal beings battling each other! Comment below with any suggestions for future versus stories. Blair Witch vs Slenderman Hell Emperor Devil vs Emperor God Zeus Holy Priest vs First Generation Vampire Mardi Gras Joker vs Santa’s Elves Michael Myers vs Look-See Monster […]

The Supernatural Story Of Saint Valentines Day

The story of Saint Valentine’s Day begins in the metaphysical mind of the Omniverse God in which we all exist. Upon his ascension to Godhood, various concepts and thoughts spontaneously manifested into sapient beings springing forth from his sub-consciousness mind. These are known as Omniverse Personifiers. One of them was Love. Almost immediately Hate was […]

Omniverse Personifiers

The Omniverse Personifiers are unintended spontaneous beings that form from the sub-conscious mind of the Omniverse God. They are personifications of thoughts in the minds of complex multi-dimensional entities. Upon his own birth the first Personifiers born were The Light and The Darkness. Personification of good and evil in the very mind of the Lord. […]

The Royalty Of Righteousness

Unlike the forces of darkness there isn’t a real royal line seen on Earth. The Macroverse God – Neutral rule with little intervention. Vice-Macroverse Gods – It is said every living soul originally came spontaneously into existence from a sea of pure non-corporeal energy that formed a collective consciousness that became the Macroverse God. So […]

The Royalty Of Darkness

The Darkness – The God And Progenitor Of Evil. An Omniverse Personifier locked away in the Omniverse Gods mind. They came into spontaneous existence as God obtained his Godhood status. They have no communication or power outside their prison. As an Omniverse Entity they could rule over evil in all the Multiverses with no Parallel […]


A list of known real supernatural villains in our world. List in progress… Devil – Emperor Of Hell (Also See Royalty Of Darkness) Dimitri Diablo – King Of Hell Anti-Claus – Santa’s Twin Demi-Demon Brother Blue Lady – Bogeyman – Cringe – Conexus – Dracula – Dracula Jr. – Freddy Krueger – Grinch – Jason […]