Adam Of Eden

The First Man and Father of Humankind is known as Adam Of Eden. He was an immortal Alpha-Human who lived in the advanced utopian paradise known as Eden. These first super homo sapiens were created from a lesser-evolved human species by introducing enchanted elements of the Earthly Gods and Goddesses. Eden was an amazing civilization that existed over 100,000 years ago. The supernatural society was 100% in tune with Mother Nature and humankind completely interacted with Nature Deities. Eden was technologically advanced, with major metaphysical magic merged with all things. The First Mother of Humankind Eve was his wife. Together they were crowned the First King and Queen.

Unfortunately, Adam and Eve were impatient with the Gods and Goddesses who had a 1000-year plan to ascend humans to Godhood status. The Devil took physical form to convince them they could become instant Gods by eating from The Tree Of Knowledge. The tree bore fruit forbidden to be eaten by anyone under the command of Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. She, in turn, was following the wishes of her Father, The Omniverse Lord. The tree and its fruit were directly linked to the brain of the Goddess through her spirit along with a link to the Heavenly Akashic Records. Humans weren’t ready for such powerful information.

Adam and Eve ate the fruit, which instantly downloaded digital data in the range of a Yottabyte! This damaging data not only entered the physical brain but spiritually into the human soul as well. It corrupted them physically, emotionally, and spiritually as they foolishly rallied other humans to revolt against the benevolent Nature Deities. These humans ate the forbidden fruit as well. Within the mayhem that ensued, the first murder occurred when Eve’s Son Cain killed her other Son Abel who chose not to revolt. Mother Earth cast Adam, Eve, and their conspirators from Eden. The humans who didn’t revolt were rewarded with instant Nature Deity status. Abel became the first human soul to enter Heaven. Mother Nature took back civilization until it became nothing but a lush garden.

Every Alpha-Human except Adam, Eve, and Cain died within 1000 years. The First Couple retained their immortal status as original Humans directly created by Goddess Gaia. Possibly even Amortal. This means not only do they never age but even if they’re killed, they will reanimate. Gaia and the Omniverse Lord cursed Cain as well to be Amortal. However, his curse was more extensive, and he would walk the Earth for all eternity, never seeing an end to his biological life! He still walks among us, with the Angel Abel often visiting to remind him of his status as the first criminal and killer!

After several hundreds of years, Adam and Eve went their separate ways as they grew apart. Both were regretful of their acts as the forbidden fruit’s effects wore off. They repented and begged both Mother Earth and the Omniverse God for forgiveness. Adam and Eve both found redemption. Adam ascended to Heaven without actually dying. He simply vanished at the age of 930 years old. Despite being a Heavenly Angel and Saint, he returns every so often to live among Humans for a time before returning to higher planes of existence. His wife Eve chose to become a Goddess and live with her Mother Gaia in the Paradise Plane. He sometimes meets up with his former wife Eve and they live together for a time, rekindling the first love of humanity.🤵‍♂️👰‍♂️

Note: The story of Adam and Eve was passed down throughout the ages changed little by little until it became the story of Genesis in the Bible.