Dark Leprechauns, also known as Clurichauns, are former purveyors of good luck warped by demonic forces. They turned away from their lucky Leprechaun brothers and embraced the empty allure of evil. Usually, these are Leprechauns with a big ego and aspirations for independent power, free of the Leprechaun King. Ultimately, they end up serving Satan with promises of eventual demonhood. Only a rare few Clurichauns are reformed and returned to their former good luck glory.🍀

The Clurichauns malevolent mission is to steal gold from anywhere they can. Their first target is, of course, Leprechaun Gold. However, before stealing it, they’ll try to corrupt their former brother of fantastic fortune. With that gold in hand, they partake in the paranormal process of reversing good luck into bad luck. From that point on, they spread dark luck while keeping some untainted coins to bring themselves good luck. Clurichauns often pose as Lucky Leprechauns to strike dark deals with unsuspecting dupes. Often, it involves selling their human soul to the Devil. In the end, it always brings the fool frightening fortune!😈