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Mystic Investigations Cryptozoologist Dr. Ashley Abercrombie

Code Name: Walking Dead Corporate Title: Vice-President, CCO (Chief Cryptozoology Officer), Chief Zombie Officer (CZO), Science-Technology Director, Shareholder 2% Profession Title: Cryptozoologist Areas Of Expertise: Cryptozoology, Zombology (Zombies), and other paranormal creatures. Biology and botany including Cryptobotany. Ashley received her Doctorate in Cryptozoology along with her Masters in Necrology and Zombology at UHU. Underground Harvard University […]

Mystic Vehicles

The work and personal vehicles of the Mystic Investigations Team. Mysticopter Mystic Boat Mystic RV Mystic Van Mystic Cycle Mystic ATV’s Xavier Remington’s Car Michael Remington’s Car Drake Alexander’s Car Rebecca Abernathy’s Car Julia Hathaway’s Car Ashley Abercrombie’s Car Hunter Jackson’s Car Rob Edmunds Car Father Tom’s Car Zack Powers Car MysticJet

Mystic Investigations Response To The COVID-19 Coronavirus

Our talented staff of professional paranormal investigators continues to monitor the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic. We are also working in conjunction with other supernatural organizations to halt a major secret vector of this dreaded disease. That being the Plague Doctor and his Cult of insane individuals who actively spread the Coronavirus. Especially through the […]

Mystic Investigations Internship Program

Are you a high school junior or senior thinking of a future career in the world of the paranormal? Perhaps you’re currently seeking your undergraduate or graduate degree in the supernatural sciences? Then maybe the Mystic Investigations Internship Program is right for you? Our paranormal program is perfect for those contemplating the final decision of […]

Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington

Code Name: Commander Corporate Titles: President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chairman Of The Board, Chief Creative Officer (CCO), Social Media Director, 25% Shareholder (Holds Proxy For Michael Remington’s 25%) |50% Total| Profession Title: President (Linkedin) (Business Card) Executive Assistant: Mrs. Jackie Quindt Supernatural ID: Human Areas Of Expertise: Paranormal Investigations, General Private Investigations, Investigative Journalism, […]

Contact Us

This contact form is only for copyright violations, reporting spam, website privacy or security concerns, removing personal information, website technical errors, and inquiries about advertising. The specifics are below. Any other subject will most likely be ignored. Questions or statements related to the supernatural world can be asked in the comments under any of our […]

Paranormal Investigators

MYSTIC INVESTIGATIONS TEAM MEMBERS The expert executive team at Mystic Investigations specializes in subduing sinister supernatural threats to common individuals and the world at large. –President Xavier Remington –Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander –Senior Vice-President Rebecca Abernathy –Vice-President Psychic Julia Hathaway –Ghost Buster Robert Edmunds –Cryptozoologist Ashley Abercrombie –Supernatural Technologist Zachariah Powers –Soldier Hunter Jackson –Investigator […]

The Supernatural Offices Of Mystic Investigations

777 Mystic Way Woodland Springs, Colorado 81777 Mystic Investigations is a paranormal investigations research, and private crime fighting firm located in the mystical town of Woodland Springs, Colorado. Our luxurious 20,000 square foot facility, which we sometimes call “The Mystic Fortress”, is nestled within the full foliage of Mystic Way which is located just off […]