Future Human Overpopulation

Humankind’s Future Destiny Of Stellar Settlement
Populace OverloadIt’s been said resource wise the maximum population the Earth can support is about 10 billion people with the modern lifestyles were accustomed to.  The current population of the Earth as of the posting of this article is approximately 7,327,147,170 billion people (Click For Current Real Time World Population Stats).  Ten billion humans should easily be reached by the year 2100 unless some catastrophic celestial event, pandemic, or war occurs.  Unfortunately by then it’s doubtful the obvious solution to overpopulation will truly exist.  That solution being the settlement of the final frontier…Space!  Humanity, and all evolved intelligent species in the Universe are destined to develop technologically evolved civilizations, and populate the entire Universe.  Those planets, stars, and galaxies aren’t just there for us to gaze at with awe each night. They’re meant to be our future homes. Read The Rest Of This Article At Godhoodism.Com

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