What Happens After Armageddon?

jesus-armageddon-christArmageddon is the inevitable final showdown of the fight of good vs evil.  However it’s not actually quite that simple due to the various factions vying for victory in the Mother Of All Wars.  These factions are discussed here.   For us the question is what happens after the battles of the war are over?  Whoever wins the Earth, or more of the Universe, will be our new Lord(s) in essence.  Surely God, aka the Omniverse God, and his Angels are assured victory?  Just the fact he allows all these factions to exist says something.  Does he really allow it, or is his power limited in the face of so many near infinite consciousnesses bursting at the seams within his mind which is the Omniverse which contains an insane number of Multiverses, and parallel Universes.  We can’t know for sure.  If we had an overload of separate sentient beings in our minds could we stop them from taking over?  Think of a severe case of split personality disorder.  It’s worth noting that the Omniverse God is not infinite but rather has the potential to be infinite.  Although it would take all eternity to do so.  He, we don’t know if there’s even a gender, was most probably a biological being in another Omniverse at some point in the distant past who ascended to Godhood just as we can after death.  The only truly infinite, and always eternal being is the Macroverse God in which all things exist. Despite what most people think this is not the God mentioned in the various religions on Earth.  We know nothing of the Macroverse God.  Believe me if the various factions of the Apocalypse knew they were going up against the one original God of everything they’d just give up before the fight even started.  So there is a very real potential for any of the factions to score a victory on any number of level including simply winning the Earth.

For this article we will conjecture what will happen if any faction simply wins the Earth since that is what will directly effect us.  If the Omniverse God, and the Heavenly regime win.  The Demigod Jesus Christ installs his Heavenly government ruling Earth from the new global capital of Jerusalem amid a utopian paradise for 1000 years.  Easily corrupted humankind will no longer be the leaders on this planet.  Various Sainted Angels will be our leaders in what will supposedly be the greatest benevolent dictatorship of all time.  There will be a resurrection of various holy martyrs who will help rule the nations, provinces, and communities of the world.  It’s unknown if humankind will have any role in these governments.  The Devil, and his demons, will be sealed in their Hell prison to serve a sentence of 1000 years unable to influence anyone on Earth anymore.  It’s said that Angels will serve as wardens, and perhaps try to rehabilitate the Demons.  The plutocratic Illuminati elites, and all their allies including the Reptilian aliens, the Vampire Kingdom, and all other supernatural beings of evil will either be exterminated, banished to another dimension, or banished to the Underworld, aka the physical Hell located deep underground slightly out of phase with this reality.  It’s unknown if any of the Earthly Gods will be kept around but it seems as long as the Omniverse God judges them as good they can stay.  Especially since the Supernatural Secrecy Pact will expire, and the world of the paranormal will finally be known to all the peoples of Earth.  It’s almost a guarantee that the Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth, will be here to stay since she is the spontaneously born soul of the Earth itself.  Certain sources in the upper supernatural community indicate that God will use her as the conduit to clean up the entire planet, and turn it into a lush paradise where no living thing can ever be harmed.  Apparently you won’t even be able to accidentally stub your toe.

With the Heavenly win we actually face an Armageddon II at the end of Christ’s Millennial reign.  The Omniverse God releases the Devil, and his demonic minions from their Hellish prison, and they in turn release their other allies in the Underworld, and where ever else.  Some however think the Devil manages to escape.  Despite the Demons hating the Jinn, aka unbottled, and unlamped Genies from another dimension, both factions have said they would probably join forces under this scenario.  At the same time just about every dead person on Earth will be resurrected.  The Devil, and his demons will go about the usual deceptions, and mental influences.  The world will become less of a paradise as evil begins to grow once again.  The rehabilitation of the Devil, and most of his forces will most likely be a failure.  As conditions worsen war will break out again between good, and evil.  It’s prophesied that Heaven wins again, and the entire Hell faction along with all beings of evil, including evil humans, will be cast into the Lake Of Fire.  The Lake Of Fire being a consciousness consuming surge of the Omniverse Gods energy of rage filled justice.    At this point a new Heavens, and Earth.  We don’t know what happens after that.

It’s worth noting that an unverified prophesy, found on only one ancient scroll, seems to indicate that demonic based beings who have been judged good will have their DNA altered to Angelic.  This would include vampires, werewolves, demi-demons, and some other beings.  We’re not sure what manner of being they would be but clearly the demi-demons would be demi-angels.  Another prophesy seems to indicate that all these types of beings will simply have the demon DNA removed, and be made human.  In the ancient texts they don’t of course use the term “Demonic DNA or genes” but rather “Demon Seed”.

If the Earthly Gods ever unite, and win the Earth then we can expect a magic infused civilization of peace for a time.  Eventually the Gods will form their old factions again stirring up trouble on Earth.  Since the Gods will be in charge directly things will be better than they are now, and we will probably be allowed to advance technology which will allow us to eventually explore the Universe, and beyond.  However evil will still exist since not all Gods are good.  Most will protect humankind from the influence of the Devil, his demons, and the various supernatural beings of evil on Earth.  We don’t know much about what will happen under this scenario.

If any of the evil factions win then expect anything from a total global police state, extermination of most of the populace, or even Earth becoming a true living hell.  The Devil would most likely transform the Earth into a nightmarish totalitarian regime ruled over by his loyal human plutocrats of evil, and the various paranormal beings.  His son the Anti-Christ will be the King Of Kings.  Expect open season on humanity as vampires, werewolves, zombies, and numerous other beasts prey on us at will free of any opposition.  Those who are good, and seen as a threat will probably be eradicated early on.  Those with powers along with the Earthly Gods would retreat to another dimension unless the Devil takes over the entire Omniverse.  We don’t believe evil stands a chance but some have suggested this could be Hell.  That perhaps the Devil is messing with us, and erased our memories of Armageddon.  Now he incrementally ramps up the hell with each passing decade.  The reason being that an eternity of full on torture would be boring for the Demons so why not work your way up slowly.  If this is true then our entire reality is a Devil generated illusion.  We at Mystic Investigations choose not to believe this.  If so then all hope would be lost!

If the Neutral Christ, and his forces defeats the Anti-Christ, and his minions, then the Devil, and the Demons must willingly retreat to Hell where the mind of the Omniverse God will insure they stay out of human affairs.  An agreement was cast in blood, and stone many thousands of years ago.  Of course the Devil could disregard it but he does seem to keep his word on such agreements.  This would only be for this particular Sub-Multiverse so he would have plenty of other Universes to run his racket of evil.  The Heavenly forces would also leave, and never have any contact with humankind.  The other factions have not made any agreements so we’re unsure how they will play into this.  The point is though that humankind is to go it alone, and advance their species to the point of ascending to Godhood together as a society.  Then they will meet God on an equal footing.  Some say they will take over the Omniverse brain matrix construct, and the consciousness of God will move on to join the Macroverse God.  Others say we will combine with him, and that perhaps we already have outside of time.  In essence maybe we’re all personalities of the Omniverse God.

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12 thoughts on “What Happens After Armageddon?

    • The Bavarian Illuminati was hijacked by the New World Order top .0001% plutocratic elites. They stole the secrets of enlightenment for themselves, and fight to keep their secrets so they can continue to reign as false Gods over us. Elements of the original Illuminati have been rolled into the Anti-Illuminati which fights against the NWO’s global reign of darkness. Someday they will reclaim the Illuminati name as their own once again.

    • So far nobody has existed with enough author authority to do decide the outcome of such a large war. I also suspect the Omniverse God wouldn’t allow it since he’s the ultimate author, and wants to explore all scenarios naturally rather than someone painting their own story on his canvas. They can do that when they become an Omniverse God themselves.

    • The Omniverse God is the ultimate author of this Omniverse. Of course nothing trumps the Macroverse God. Since a great deal of humanity actually have an Omniverse God soul already in existence in the higher dimensions outside time there are inadvertent acts of author authority. It’s known that writers stories come true in parallel Universes. In fact since there are so many near identical Universes where they’ve made up the same story it can aid in giving it life. What really does it though is the human collective consciousness. Stories that the global masses believe in, or just think about most certainly come into other realities. Some with latent author authority powers inadvertently cause events in this reality. Such as Morgan Robertson who wrote a novel in 1898 featuring a story almost identical to the Titanic that actually sunk in 1912.

  1. This is the reason why my ultimate goal is to reincarnated into a person with author authority Powers. you write the story, it comes true. I thought I had this power though

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