Halloween Friday The 13th Warning!

Jason 13thThis is the third Friday The 13th since the resurrection of the deeply dangerous denizen of darkness Jason Voorhees! A real metaphysical menace portrayed as frightening fiction in the Friday The 13th movie franchise to deflect any truth of his reality from the public.  Jason was merely a dark spirit after having his physical form destroyed by the world famous supernatural warrior team known as The Ten Gallon Hat Metanatural’s.  Then on November 13, 2015 The Jason Voorhees Cult managed to resurrect him back into this world!  Since last year’s Friday The 13th there have been sparse sightings of Jason across the continental United States.

It’s thought he is quite powerful at this point due to amping up his dark powers over the past Summer Camp season.  He does love sacrificing those crazy hormonal teens romping about woodland lakes on warm Summer nights! His Voorhees Cult led him to several Summer Camps near a lakes so Jason could swim in a smorgasbord of terrified teen blood! As usual the government covers it up to avoid public panic. The infamous May 13, 2016 paranormal blood bath would put a variety of known terror events to shame if the mainstream media reported it! We can only pray that some supernatural crime fighting organization, such as Mystic Investigations, eventually stops this elusive serial killer! The Ten Gallon Hat Metanatural’s were the last group to stop him, and they are currently scattered across the country looking for Jason as we speak! Read The Rest Of This Wayward Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…

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