Blood Harvest Moon Warning!

Normally the mainstream media would call the October Full Moon the Hunter’s Moon which is now set for November. However they are referring to it as the Harvest Moon since this Moon is the one closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In the supernatural world we know that it will be the Blood-Harvest Halloween Moon! This is due to the early nature of September’s weak Harvest Moon, and the early Full Moon of this particular October. Normally this is solely the Blood Moon under the deep influence of Halloween thereby causing an exponential increase in all manner of paranormal activity. On the other hand the Harvest Moon generally only affects Werewolves who are drawn to farm fields, and anyone foolish to be there at night! Theoretically the distance of this Full Moon from Halloween should weaken its force. Unfortunately when combined with the Harvest Moon we see a diabolical duo! Read The Rest Of This Full Moon Paranormal Activity Forecast…

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