What Did Santa Claus Do On Easter?

Santa and his wife Holly Claus began Easter morning by inviting approximately 100 lucky children to an Easter egg hunt at North Pole Village.  These kids were chosen by raffle from a pool of thousands whose parents are members of the paranormal community.  Those of us in that community get the privilege of getting gifts from Santa at Christmas, and sometimes being invited to special events hosted by the great Father Christmas as a reward for battling the forces of evil.

The winner of the Easter Egg hunt, and their family gets to spend spring break at the enchanted North Pole City as Santa’s special guests.  Each child however got a special Easter basket full of toys made by Elves, and treats directly from the Easter Bunny himself who was too busy with Easter to be there.  However several of his bunny emissaries were there to greet, and play with the kids.  The Easter Bunny will pay a visit on Monday April 9th to speak with Santa on the state of the paranormal planet.  Eggbert, his human name, has Santa, and Angelic forces to thank for his magical immortal existence of spreading joy to children all around the world.  Eggbert was maliciously turned into a common bunny by a coven of witches controlled by the Anti-Claus, Santa’s evil twin brother.   Although the spell could not fully be reversed, Eggbert decided not to die, and instead received Angelic powers, and command of Easter.

At Noon Santa hosted a luncheon amid a green spring garden full of iridescent flowers magically produced in the middle of the Arctic by his Leprechaun friends with aid of the Easter Bunny emissaries.  Cups ran over with Easter egg nog, and plates piled high with ham, Cadbury Eggs, chocolate Easter Bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, and a plethora of other treats. The kids were allowed to eat as much as they wanted because nobody gets sick or injured within the sacred walls of Santa’s magical North Pole Village.  Children with chocolate smeared on their faces went on a feeding frenzy as they screamed with glee over the tons of candy they went crazy for.

As nightfall approached a dazzling fireworks display lit the Arctic skies amid an amazing magically induced Aurora.  Santa then gave a rousing Easter farewell speech as the families got into flying sleighs, and magical portholes to return home.



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