Christmastime At Walt Disney World

The Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown tours the second most magical place on Earth during the Disney Christmas celebrations. Sorry Disney but Santa Claus’s North Pole Village will always be the most magical place on Earth where everyone’s dreams can come true. Speaking of Santa we have it on good authority he’s Sammy Brown Christmasalready begun gearing up for Christmas 2013. All you luck boys, and girls who are members of the supernatural community will be getting some awesome gifts this years. Sorry to the rest of you but Santa is bound by the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Of 33 AD. Although he does cheat, and gives out gifts to a rare few special people who know nothing of the world of the paranormal. In addition the Spirit Of Christmas compels many parents to give gifts in his name.

About Xavier Remington

🎅As the Founder and President of Mystic Investigations I have dealt with all manner of metaphysical mayhem! However the supernatural beings and paranormal phenomenon of the Christmas season are some of the most magical. Our supernatural crime fighting team has had the honor of being welcome at the Demi-Angel Santa Claus's North Pole City and the horror of battling the diabolical Anti-Claus! This Xmas blog was born out of a deep interest and love for The Spirit Of Christmas! Merry Christmas To All And To All A Safe Night!🎄
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