Did Santa Claus Ever Meet Jesus Christ?

Yes Santa Claus has indeed met Jesus Christ, the son of the Omniverse God, on several occasions including the one time he was in Heaven upon his death at the hands of the Anti-Claus on December 6th, 343 AD.  However that wasn’t the first time.  Despite being born almost 235 years after the death of Christ Santa was able to meet Jesus via time travel.  As a Demi-Angel Santa, or Nicholas at the time, accidentally stumbled upon his developing chronokinetic powers at age 16 when he uncontrollably traveled fifteen minutes back in time to meet himself.  Naturally 15 minutes before that happened he was shocked to meet his future self.  After that he began practicing time travel but he found the further back he traveled the more energy was drained from him along with a long recovery time.  At age 19 he finally traveled back to the year 1 AD to meet the baby Jesus.  At age 26 he visited Jesus when he was about 30, and then at age 32 Santa went back to witness the Crucifixion of the Lord’s son.  When speaking of this he begins to weep, and says it was the most horrific thing he ever saw!

At age 37 he visited Jesus at the time of his Resurrection, and ascension to Heaven.  In later centuries Santa partook of repeat visits upon Jesus to various times in his life.  However he was limited to a certain amount so as not to pollute the timeline.  Clearly at some point Santa would be mentioned in the Bible if he kept visiting Jesus.  Now he only pays homage once a century.  Usually to pray before he Baby Jesus.  Especially since he’s one of the few people on Earth who can pray to Jesus Christ, and actually get a spoken reply.  Although he keeps the direct prayers to Jesus minimal so as not to annoy him.  Usually he just prays to God who never answers anyone.  However Santa Claus says on one occasion God whispered,”I’m proud of you my Son.”  This brought a tear of joy to Santa’s eye.   In addition he does communicate with Angels as well including his Archangel father Sarandiel, and his human mother Marcia now an Angel in Heaven.  Both return on occasion in biological form to visit him.  Although they more often appear as pure energy ghost like beings.

Santa eagerly awaits the return of Jesus at the conclusion of Armageddon.  However he makes a point of inviting him to Christmas, and Easter dinners every so often in the hopes of him taking biological form.  In his eyes it would be the highest honor, and most beloved guest to have second only to God himself.



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  1. quaderrius says:

    You mean anti-claus not antichrist

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