Is Where’s Waldo Real?

You may know Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally In Great Britain) as a popular series of children’s books. Within the illustrated pages one must attempt to find the distinctively dressed Waldo at various locations. In a Parallel Universe there is a real person who is somewhat like Waldo. He’s a deeply eccentric billionaire named Waldo Wallyson. He absolutely loves traveling around the world to the point of not even having one permanent home! On a daily basis at some point he dons his trademark red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses for a certain period of time. He usually only does this in very crowded venues. He also generally pays actors to dress similar to him so they may act as decoys. In addition he sometimes decorates items in vicinity with red, and white stripes just for the fun of it! If someone happens to recognize him, and is the first to cry out “There’s Waldo!”, they get one million dollars in cash! It’s presented to the lucky winner by one of Waldo’s security people who are always nearby.

Mr. Wallyson has photographers document his various live location contests, and publish them into books on an annual basis.  The books themselves contain a plethora of clues where Waldo can be found in the coming year. There’s also an online game, and app where people can win smaller cash prizes by locating him via live cams, and even satellite photos.

Waldo eventually died at the age of 84. His final wish was a morbid request for people to locate his cryogenically frozen corpse in a glass case.  A lucky sea diver found it in the ocean off the coast of Australia. He won himself a cool billion!  307 years later he was resurrected via amazing technologies, and he began his hide, and seek in plain sight games again.  However the concept of money had vanished by then, and he gave away various hand crafted prizes instead.  Something sought after since he was considered a famous historical figure by then. The Immortal Waldo spread his popular game into space across the Milky Way, and beyond! It’s even said he stopped an intergalactic war by encouraging the game to decide the victor rather than violence. God bless Waldo, and his wacky ways of wisdom!

Where’s Waldo Now?

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Alluring Autumn Adirondack Wilderness Walk

The Allure Of Adirondack Autumn Can Give Way To A Titanic Terror!
A beautiful high quality video of the awesome Autumn of Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains.  On a supernatural note the Adirondack’s are home to the alarming Adirondack Abomination.  A one of a kind monster rumored to have escaped from a nearby secret government laboratory.  It’s said to be a rare mating between a Sasquatch, and Abominable Snowman (Yeti).  Whatever it is it’s huge, and it actually scares away Bigfoot which is something that virtually never happens!  It’s unholy roar alone causes bears to head for the hills! It’s said that the Adirondack Abomination is responsible for a variety of missing campers, and hikers in the area.  Innocent victims it eats alive bones, and all! There is no known defense against this ferocious furry menace! The Abomination is at least 10 feet tall weighing in at a ton or more! It’s fur changes colors with the seasons. A dark brown in Summer, and a dull white in Winter. If you spot the Adirondack Abomination you’re most likely already dead since it moves at lighting speed!  Pray for a quick kill, and may God have mercy on your soul!

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What Happened To The Child Vampire Daniel On Forever Knight?

Forever Knight DanielForever Knight was a television series from the early 1990’s  in which an 800 year old vampire cop named Nick Knight looks to repay society for his past sins which were courtesy of his rampant blood lust.  In the Season 1 Episode 13 episode titled Father Figure Nick has a flashback to air bombed WW II London, England.  A homeless boy with a cockney accent named Daniel steals Janette’s purse but Nick catches him.  He, and Janette take a parental interest in him, and bring them into their vampire trio which includes their master LaCroix.  LaCroix doesn’t seem much interested, and perhaps is even a bit jealous at the attention the child is getting.  However he knows Janette wants him, and tells Nick of his intent to transform the boy into a vampire as an “experiment”.  Nick compels the boy to run away but somehow LaCroix gets a hold of him later on, and brings him across into the eternal darkness much to Nicks chagrin.

This has to be the most unresolved flashback of the entire Forever Knight series since the last we see is the vision of Daniel as depicted in the photo to the above left.  So what happened to this vampire child? Clearly he either left to go off on his own, or died since Daniel is never seen, or mentioned, in any form on the show except this one episode.  This kid clearly looks like trouble.  Especially his smart ass demeanor after the transformation to vampire.  It would also be conceivable that a kid wouldn’t have much self-control over the urges of blood lust, and murder.  I’m sure Nick, and Janette tried to continue playing house with the kid but he obviously wasn’t a sweet little boy anymore.  He strikes me as being deeply influenced by the diabolical LaCroix who had a knack of being a smart ass who enjoying playing minds game with Nick due to his quest to become human again.  I’m sure at some point Nick, and even Janette got tired of the little brat.  He may have even posed a danger of exposing the trio with rash behavior of brazenly attacking people, and draining them of blood. Based on Nick conveying feelings of regret, and remorse I suspect he had to kill the kid to save some lives.  Perhaps he went on a serial killing spree, and Nick had enough of this little LaCroix wannabe.  At least LaCroix had some restraint but this little punk was probably a nut case like LaCroix’s master.  A girl named Divia in her early teens who seemed to have little restraint including the killing of her own master, despicable carnal desires, and the eventual slaying of several vampires in LaCroix’s life thousands of years later.  I’m sure only Nick had remorse over Daniel’s death while LaCroix, and Janette were happy to be rid of the little bastard.

Unstable vampire kids don’t only exist on television but in this Universe as well. Children transformed into vampires have their sweet nature, and innocence warped into uncontrollable evil.  Thankfully they have to be at least approaching their teens to be brought across as the innocent blood of children is poisonous to vampires.  In fact babies blood will kill a vampire.  This is natures way of protecting the innocent from the scourge of paranormal evil.

On a final note the world of Forever Knight exists in another parallel Universe as most television shows do.  Just about every story is real in some Universe.  You can watch the episode we discussed by typing “Forever Knight Father Figure” into Youtube.  We’d embed or link to it but whenever we do that for a video it mysteriously gets deleted.  If you have a different opinion on what you think happened to Daniel the kiddie vampire then reply to this post with your guess.

Update:  What a shock!  Just mentioning a video on Youtube without giving out the address even gets it deleted the next day!  Wow!  Just Wow!  Sorry Forever Knight fans, and the guy who wasted his time uploading all those episodes!  I guess every time we dare point anyone in the direction of a video it gets deleted by the greedy powers that be who apparently avidly monitor our website!  I wonder if they’d delete it from Amazon.  Let’s test it.  You can watch the episode of Forever Knight for $1.99 by clicking here. Okay greedy powers that be you make your little profit now.  That good for you babies?  We get a little cut as well.  Does that make you cry?  You gonna delete it? LOL! 🙂  This is so sad!

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How Adults Have Fun On Halloween

Frankenstein has a Halloween night out on the town.

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