Zombie Containment Door Prop

This is somewhat reminiscent to the door on our Zombie Containment Cell we have in the sub-basement at Mystic Investigations Headquarters. There we house very real Zombies that may number from three to a dozen at any given time.  Most taken from the field in our effort to rid America of horrendous hordes of Walking Dead! The purpose of occasionally keeping zombies, rather than eradicating every last one of them, is for the purposes of research. The hope for a Zombie Virus cure to halt the threat of an all out Apocalypse! If you see any type of door like this don’t assume it’s some prank prop! Stay far away from it, and never look back!

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It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Halloween CartoonIt’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is the quintessential American Halloween classic that brings back the nostalgia of an old fashioned Halloween which you may remember as a child.  The magic of Autumn heralds in the Halloween season as leaves flutter about in the rays of the serene sun.  Watch the Peanuts gang prepare for the momentous occasion, trick o treating with glee, and enjoying the games of the Halloween party. Witness Linus lying in wait within the mystical pumpkin patch for the amazing arrival of The Great Pumpkin.  Definitely a must see for children, and adults alike.  This is perfect for viewing just after trick o treating.  Then once the kids are in bed, and the Halloween witching hour is at hand it will be time for a horror movie such as Halloween.

Although The Great Pumpkin is never seen in the cartoon, we feel that Linus is misguided in his belief that the entity is of good.  The undying belief that includes choosing sincere pumpkin patches where true believers of The Great Pumpkin who supposedly has a warm orange heart.  The Great Pumpkin may indeed target those who truly believe in him but we feel his gifts of toys may come with a steep price.  The nefarious Great Pumpkin plots to steal away the innocence of youth, and corrupt the sanctity of Halloween.  We suggest exercising caution when waiting for this figure of evil within the hopefully safe confines of your sainted pumpkin patch on All Hallows Eve.  In reality this perplexing Pumpkin Monster is more like the one portrayed in the video below!

If your children are looking for a leader of Halloween then look no further than The Queen Of Halloween Shala.  Although a Angel-Demon Hybrid she is about balance between good, and evil.  She fosters safe trick o treating to marshall the innocent magic of children to counter the forces of darkness who conduct their most powerful maniacal magics on All Hallows Eve!

PS: If the heartless Powers That Be delete It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown from it’s source that was in turn embedded upon this page for your kids enjoyment then you can click here to buy, and watch it online!

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The 13 Nights Of Halloween

The 13 Nights Of Halloween are upon us! These are the 12 nights before Halloween along with that unluckiest of 13th nights being on All Hallows Eve itself! Generally we see noticeable increases in paranormal activity beginning at the Autumnal Equinox with a slight ramp up as we hit October. However the 13 Nights Of Halloween bring us the most prolific paranormal presences! These frightening nights bring us is an exponential increase in all manner of supernatural beings lurking about the dark shadows of the foreboding nocturnal landscape. Read More On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…

Pumpkin Witch

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What Happens To The Angels Who Die On Supernatural?

Dead Supernatural AngelsOn the sci-fi TV series “Supernatural” when Angels in biological form are killed by the Angel Blade we’re never told what happens to them. It’s inferred that the death is permanent as other Angels mourn for them.  Clearly they don’t return to Heaven, and there’s no evidence they go to purgatory.  There’s no mention of them going anywhere after death like humans do.  They surely wouldn’t go to hell.  There’s some suggestion that their Angelic essence still exists since God resurrected the dead Angel Castiel.  Could there be some secret Angel afterlife that nobody but God knows about?  If so Castiel has never mentioned it. Perhaps memory of it is lost upon reanimation.

Our theory is that Angels were created directly from the mind, and body of God in that reality since they refer to him as their father.  The very holy light of the “Supernatural” Universe.  When they die their essence or Angelic soul returns to the source, aka God’s mind, where they lie dormant in his sub-consciousness. Perhaps nothing more than a collection of memories for God to peruse. Plausibly dead Angels could be like multiple personalities that God can talk to in his mind. At any time God wishes he can bring an Angel or other deceased creature back to life. If he created everything then it can never truly be gone!

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