Thanksgiving Is The Last Day To Remove Halloween Decor!

Christoween TreeIn order to avoid the specter of bad luck that surrounds those obsessing over a particular holiday one must remove their Halloween decorations by a certain date. That date is Thanksgiving for reasons not fully understood. Plausibly it could center around the human collective consciousness making Thanksgiving a transitional holiday between Halloween and Christmas. There are two exceptions to this rule. One is if you truly have the Spirit Of Halloween infused within your very soul. You have dedicated your life to the Halloween cause of bringing balance between the forces of light, and darkness. In such rare cases, you may hang up Halloween decor forever.  Keep in mind there is a big difference between being obsessed and having the blessing of the Halloween Spirit!

The Transitional Holiday Of HallowChristmas Or Christoween

HallowChristmas Tree

A second alternative to leaving your Halloween decor up longer is to celebrate Thanksgiving as a transitional holiday bridging the gap between Halloween, and Christmas. A short-lived holiday known as HallowChristmas or Christoween by some. Basically, you leave your Halloween decor in place while putting up your Christmas decor. In that case, you may leave your Halloween decorations up until December 6th Saint Nicholas Day.  Although if the decor isn’t purposely mixed for a true Christoween celebration then December 1st is the safest option. Basically, things like Christmas trees and wreaths with Halloween themed decor on it. Or Jack-O-Lanterns with Santa faces, and Elves carved upon their orange exteriors.

If you defy these paranormal laws that pertain to holiday celebrations then you will attract various demons, dark Gods, and the number one purveyors of bad luck. The Anti-Leprechauns known as Clurichauns. Thankfully Thanksgiving specific decor, mainly turkeys, pilgrims, and Native Americans, don’t have the same supernatural kick. Perhaps because the decor subject is historical or can be applied to another theme along with generally being small-scale table dressing. So no worries about how you utilize them. Happy Thanksgiving To All And To All A Tasty Turkey!

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What’s The Last Day To Eat Halloween Candy?

By the enchanted edict of supernatural law, and that of luck itself, the last day to eat Halloween candy is Thanksgiving Day. This is also the day to remove Halloween Decor as well. What if by some fantastical fluke you have such a marvelous monster load of luscious loot that you simply can’t finish it by then. At that point, you must donate the rest to charity, or give it to someone not related to you. Otherwise, you must chuck it in the crapper to avoid the specter of dark luck descending upon you. This happens courtesy of greedy gluttony building up a diabolical form of metaphysical energy.

This is the Spirit Of Halloween’s way of preventing its balanced purity from being compromised by those not respecting the holiday. An imbalance can easily weaken this force of good thereby nullifying the courageous efforts of those who fight against the forces of darkness. Some try to re-christen the candy as Thanksgiving or Christmas candy but we recommend not taking a chance! Heed this warning next Halloween, and allow the hallowed holiday of horror to end, and blend naturally into Thanksgiving! Happy Halloween And Thanksgiving To All!

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The Quintessential Ghost Busting Music

When the Mystic Investigations Team hunts ghosts we do it with flair! We adopt the latest equipment in spectral detection, repelling, capture, and eradication! We wear snappy costumes and play the hippest spooky music to intimidate ghosts, poltergeists, and demons! This includes the epic version of the Ghostbusters theme in the video above. Certainly, the quintessential theme for any competent crew of Ghost Hunters or Busters. Generally, a less experienced team member will wear a large speaker on their back with the bass blasting. The windows and rafters of the haunted houses we mystically clean musically shake and shimmy in defiance of the evil entities within. Some retreat while others unwisely choose to face our supernatural wrath! We ain’t afraid of no ghost! Ghostbusters!👻

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Happy November!

🍂November! The Fall Finale Of Dark Crimson, Orange & Brown Hued Foliage Fluttering Farewell Leaving Branches Laid Bare In Winters Care!🍂

By Xavier Remington | Mystic Poetry Portal |

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