Leuprichauns: The Rare Leprechaun-Clurichaun Hybrids

Does Shala Queen Of Halloween Have Elves?

LeuprichaunSince Santa Claus Has Elves, And The Anti-Claus Has Gnomes Who Helps Out Shala?  Shala, the Angel-Demon Hybrid leader of Halloween, has little helpers of her own called Leuprichauns who reside with her on the mystical Halloween Island. However they are often referred to as Halloween Elves. They were a previously unknown supernatural species until Christmas 2013.  Leuprichauns are Leprechaun-Clurichaun Hybrids that may have been a special creation of Shala but we can’t say for sure.  Since neither paranormal species procreates it’s unknown how the Leuprichauns came into existence.  These little beings are taller, and of a stockier build than Leprechauns, and Clurichauns being somewhat reminiscent of Dwarfs.

Leprechauns are of course the purveyors of good luck on Earth while Clurichauns are their evil cousins spreading forth bad luck.   Shala being a Demon-Angel Hybrid lives to create balance between good, and evil so it’s safe to assume Leprechaun-Clurichaun Hybrids would do the same.  Bringing balance between favorable, and dark luck.  Possibly when there’s too much of one type of luck in any place on Earth.  When asked to comment on these creatures King Lochlann, Leprechaun Leader, said,”They’re an abomination!” I guess Shala won’t be visiting the Leprechauns in Ireland anytime soon. LOL!

The only verified Leuprichaun is Shala’s chief helper named Zamxuzza.  He was seen in late December 2013 at the North Pole Village banquet hall accepting the Claus Award for Shala since she’s at risk by both Angels, and Demons who see her existence as blasphemous.  Zamxy, as he requested to be called, said Leuprichaun serve at the pleasure of Shala in a number of capacities including the manufacturing of seasonal supplies such as Halloween candy, decorations, and costumes.

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The 13 Nights Of Halloween

The 13 Nights Of Halloween are upon us! These are the 12 nights before Halloween along with that unluckiest of 13th nights being on All Hallows Eve itself! Generally we see noticeable increases in paranormal activity beginning at the Autumnal Equinox with a slight ramp up as we hit October. However the 13 Nights Of Halloween bring us the most prolific paranormal presences! These frightening nights bring us is an exponential increase in all manner of supernatural beings lurking about the dark shadows of the foreboding nocturnal landscape. Read More On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…

Pumpkin Witch

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Post Apocalyptic All Female Society

What happens when a plague wipes out the entire male populace, and prevents any future male births?  Apparently an all female society somewhat Amish in nature.  The video above is a sci-fi anthology show called the Outer Limits. In their Season 4 Episode 17 “Lithia“, about such a future where women lead a primitive life amid a world of peace, and happiness despite the hardships of survival.  Then a military man comes out of a frozen cryogenic sleep to rile things up in a small community! If video above doesn’t work go to the link here.


Naturally he causes corruption that eventually leads to death, and chaos! It’s also revealed Outer Limits Lithiafrozen men, apparently all from the military, are awakened around the world as an experiment to see if males could be assimilated into the feminine society of serenity.  Each instance fails, and the men are put back into the deep freeze along with their genetic material used to father females around the world.

Clearly military men aren’t going to be the best candidates to go along with a peaceful society ruled by women who have created a global system of cooperation free of conflict.  If only they had some of the many useful professionals, such as scientists, on ice, or the many millions of effeminate metrosexuals who walk the Earth at the present time.  There would have been plenty of men who would enjoy all the attention they’d receive in an all female world.  Men who wouldn’t want to rock the boat in a world that clearly was working far better than one run mostly by men.  Even in light of some inequalities that were thought of as sacrifices for the greater good of womankind.

If you liked this television show you might like the movie “The Last Man On Planet Earth” (Youtube) that features women ruling over a modern day Earth.  However this particular feminine world features a small band of aging men hiding out in a society of women who hate them with a passion.  They find hope in a genetically engineered man whose violent urges are supposedly non-existent. Will he survive all the man hating women to reintroduce males to society?

The fact is that it isn’t necessarily men that are the problem with society but rather the continued exploitation of the entire planet by an extremely small ruling elite class of royalty, billionaires, and their corporations.  Elites that have included women in power over the many centuries.  Clearly there are ruthless women who lust for power, and wealth the same as men do.  The solution to peace, prosperity, and happiness for the societies of Earth is to shed aside the archaic power structures, and election systems that allow the elite criminal class to bend the planet in their warped corrupt image.  Utopia will never be possible until humanity is united against this insidious force of evil that falsely poses as our caring saviors despite nothing ever changing for the better under their stale stewardship.

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The Frightening Frozen Zombie

Frozen Zombie Box Pop Up Prop

You, and your friends found yourself on a camping trip into the deep woods. Little did you know a US Paranormal Defense Agency transport truck had been shipping sensitive materials from a now closed underground base in said woods.  One special container fell to the foggy forest floor unknown to the soldiers on board. You, and your merry band of nocturnal trekkers explore the woods in the light of the full Moon. Thankfully no Werewolves are afoot! Yet something most sinister lurks in your path. You happen upon a high tech looking box emitting an eerie blue light. As your curious team strolls closer crimson lights flare in unison with a spine chilling alarm.  You all bolt at first but then the sounds stop. You return, and the crazy commotion starts again. Clearly the container is motion activated.

After you calm down, and discuss what this thing could be you move in closer to inspect this futuristic looking object. There’s a small window where the azure light illuminates from but it appears to have frost on the inside. Indeed it is cold to the touch. After getting acclimated to the alarm you gain enough courage to begin pressing buttons on the box. A whooshing sound sends frigid air blasting on your faces. Air ripe with the stench of death itself! A freaky fog flows out of the blue glow. With the stench dissipating you all move in closer to see what’s inside. Suddenly an otherworldly growl causes your hearts to skip several beats as a monstrous Zombie out lurches at you!

The half frozen freak takes a bloody bite out of your friends jugular, and forcibly grabs another. Their both dead instantly! You, and your other friend run screaming in terror. After several minutes you collapse exhausted contemplating the horror you just witnessed. Bad idea leaving the smart phones back at camp!  You slowly get up to make it back there but your two other supposedly dead friends appear in front of you. Their sickly pale faces say not a word as they blankly stare at you now members of the living dead. They move toward you, and your other friend cries out in agony as the box zombie bites into their shoulder. You find yourself knocked to the ground by your two friends who end up devouring you like the zombies they have become!

Ultimately the original zombie, and your two Walking Dead friends are the only survivors. They stagger through the woods into the daylight hours eating every animal in sight.  As they make it to a roadway they are blasted away by machine gun fire. The US Paranormal Defense Agency has rectified their foolish mistake.  The clean up all evidence, and take extra measures to prevent their paranormal experiments from escaping in the future!

You can own this horrifying infrared sensor activated box for your Halloween haunted house, and the scary delight of Trick-O-Treaters.  Go Here to get your Animated Frozen Zombie Pop Up Box Prop known as the Cryo Chamber Corpse Animatronic.

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