Jon Snow Crosses Into Our Reality To Attend A Dinner Party

Game Of Thrones Lord Master And Commander Jon Snow, once the King Of The North, crosses a parallel dimensional portal to attend a dinner party for his friend Comedian Seth Meyers. Naturally Jon is the life of the party! Meyers accidentally fell into the paranormal portal one day while jogging and ended up in a winter wasteland near The Wall. Jon bravely saved Seth from a White Walker and they’ve been best friends ever since!😮 Occasionally they use the portal to get together. Although the vast majority of the time Jon crosses into our world since Seth is ill equipped to handle the dangers of medieval Westeros! Some say the portal was created in the distant past when a mass of slain giants fell in the same spot causing a rift in space-time. Of course in reality we know that Game Of Thrones took place millions of years ago on a planet in a galaxy far far away from the Milky Way!🤔

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Halloween Night Poem

Halloween Night🍂Iridescent foliage crunching without a care,
Randomly tossed about by cool Autumn air,
Moon drowned out by Halloween lights glare,
Jack-O-Lanterns glowing with a scare,
Costumed kids scurry about with flare,
Candy tossed into bags until they tear,
Walk across the cemetery if you dare,
Halloween is here so beware!🎃

By Xavier Remington

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Michael Myers vs The Look-See Monster

The infamous mental institution of the Batman Universe known as Arkham Asylum is taken over by The Joker. Apparently the Asylum happens to be home for Michael Myers of Halloween fame and the notorious Look-See monster in this unusual reality. Imagine Batman vs Myers! Joker becomes MC of a killing competition between Myers and Look-See. Whoever kills the most Arkham employees wins. It seems Joker is recording the competition to perhaps sell or maybe it’s just for his own amusement. In the end the superhuman Myers comes face to face with the monster mouthed eyeless supernatural Look-See abomination! Can Myers defeat him? Superhuman strength and sheer will vs paranormal power! Find out in the video above!

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Happy November!

🍂November! The Fall Finale Of Dark Crimson, Orange & Brown Hued Foliage Fluttering Farewell Leaving Branches Laid Bare In Winters Care!🍂

Xavier Remington

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