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Can Superman Grow Back Severed Limbs?

In the Parallel Universes where Superman exists, Kryptonians don’t appear to have limb regenerative abilities. Even under the yellow sun of Earth that grants them their super powers. Kryptonians will heal near instantly here if nothing is impeding the process. Namely green, or blue Kryptonite. Exposure to said Kryptonite would be the most likely method […]


Angels Of Love Cupids are special Angels who are direct higher dimensional agents of Saint Valentine, and indirectly of the Omniverse God. Their general mission is to sincerely spread love around the world.  They can utilize the power of love either in their natural angelic metaphysical energy form or they may take human form when necessary.  The […]

Asian Sprites

Asian Sprites are also called Asian Fairies, Asian Elves, or even Asian Leprechauns.  They are indeed a distant relative of Leprechauns although they are no taller than 7 inches.  Like Leprechauns they spread good luck and ward of evil spirits.  It is said that a person who captures one and holds it with care for […]


A Hybrid Werewolf Witch Vampire With Godly Or Angelic Blood The Werewitchpyre is an extremely rare supernatural being consisting of a plethora of paranormal genetics. These include werewolf, vampire, hereditary witch, Earthly Gods, and Angels.  The exact circumstances in creating such a being are unknown. The blood of the Gods, or Angels surging through the body is […]


Zombies are former humans who have become members of the living dead courtesy of the notorious zombie virus! They are mindless cannibalistic killing machines without a human soul. Naturally this frees the former human soul that inhabited the body from any moral repercussions of the zombies murderous actions! Zombies are merely rotting human corpses with just an inkling […]

Demidemons: The Hybrid Sons & Daughters Of Demons

Demidemons, or Demi-Demons, are rare immortal Demon-Human Hybrids which are the result of unholy unions between our two species.  A Demon needs to take biological form in order to procreate with a human.  When a mating occurs through a human completely possessed by a demon a vampire is formed.  Technically a vampire is considered one […]