A list of known real supernatural superheroes in our world. This doesn’t include Superheroes from Parallel Universes such as Superman or Captain America. There are separate lists for those who practice magic and those of higher dimensional lineage. Although some are so prolific that they are listed on more than one lineup.

Righteous Royalty… | Also See Magicians Of Righteousness |

  • Santa Claus – Demi-Angel leader of Christmas. He’s a superhero in anyone’s book with his wide array of Angelic powers!
  • Sorcerer Ian McTavish – An Immortal magician with powers and abilities far beyond that of mere mortals. This magnificent bastard dons an impressive cape as he crushes the forces of darkness around the world!
  • Hyperlight Drifter
  • Unknown Friday The 13th Superhero
  • Paul Bunyan – Friendly Nephilim
  • Patriot Woman – Superhero born out of the ashes of September 11th, 2001.
  • Amazon Warrior Princess Adonia
  • The Rainbow Warrior – A woman who acquired her superpowers in 2015 after witnessing a Leprechaun riding a Unicorn on a rainbow. These powers include immortality, eternal good luck, and Rainbow Light Manipulation Powers.
  • The Silver Slugger – Superhuman Werewolf Hunter
  • Wizard Amazington – Only exists in his Happy Fun Time Land since the 1300’s.
  • Sorcerer Supreme Elvira Winter – Seminary Of Supreme Sorcery Black Forest, Germany. She’s considered the most powerful magical female on Earth.
  • The Fukushima Hulk | Akira Yamamoto | Japan
  • Frost Fairy Fantasia (Deity Page)
  • Alchemist Edelweiss Wu from China
  • Valentines Vixen