Mystic Investigations Zombie Apocalypse Portal

Mystic Investigations has taken the supernatural initiative in lieu of the government denying the existence of Zombies! Those of us in the paranormal community who actively battle the zombie scourge are also prepared for the infamous Zombie Apocalypse if God forbid it happens. Our high tech headquarters is a literal fortress of hidden rooms and passages. All stocked with food, weapons, and supplies needed to survive with a group of up to 100 people for 1 year. We have on site gardens and greenhouses along with an underground tunnel leading to a cooperative farm nearby. In addition, we have armored vehicles ideal for transport in any apocalyptic situation. Our team of supernatural warriors stands ready to protect any and all innocents from the horrifying hordes of soulless living dead monsters! Visit Our Zombie Apocalypse Portal For The Current Status Of The Walking Dead Scourge…🧟‍♂️

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