December 8, 2022

11 thoughts on “What Happens If A Werewolf Bites A Vampire?

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  2. Id like to say something as a vampire. You cannot turn another human vampire. We are born this way. Werewolves however can turn a human. Also i deffinitly have a pulse you Moron. I’m not undead. There is a good chance a werewolf could infect a vampire although in most cases the two do not get along. I however have two werewolf friends so it is not a fact.

    1. Clearly you’re a weakened sub-species of the demi-vampire. So for all intents, and purposes you’re closer to human than vampire. Therefore you have virtually no knowledge of the real world of the paranormal. I feel bad that you must slurp down blood yet have no real power. Your insults will not change the facts surrounding the awesome world of the supernatural. We pity you in your perplexing plight through the fringes of paranormal freakdom.

    2. I’d like to ask you something as a WITCH that You denied that a vampire can’t turn a human vampire? then how a human should become a vampire ???? & vampires can’t walk into sunlight but they do because of spells…is it true??? a werewolf bite could kill a vampire ???? is it true??? I think it’s not because vampires are highly magickal beings & more powerful than werewolves!!

      1. That guy doesn’t know the full scope of the supernatural world. There are a number of lesser beings who might know of others of their kind but don’t know much else about the true paranormal planet. A Werewolf bite would never kill a vampire but perhaps a Dhampir or Demi-Vampire. Both Werewolves, and Vampires are demonic based but the vampires demonic DNA is stronger. Vampires can be in the sun with powerful magic spells, Gnomes blood, Leprechaun, or Genie wishes, and few other things.

  3. Hello Admin and all. I respect everyone’s opinion’s. From this website I have learned allot! Thank you Admin. As for hybrids. I have asked questions already. I strongly believe there could become a new species of Vampire- Lycan. Perhaps those new breeds would make for a more peaceful existence. Between the Royals & Werewolves. For the peace of the innocent humans as well. Not to replace any other breed. Just a watch dog for the human race. Not such a bad idea. There are scales. They tip.. I believe there can not be light without dark. and vs versa. We all are as one! We can co-exist together in one place. I do have a great respect to the Royal Vampires. There knowledge is there greatest power! They deserve the respect! I am grateful. Please let me know your thoughts. Can we all live in peace?

  4. I see. That is a shame. Because life is about changing. Our future depends upon it. Evolution and surviving. I think it is good to have Royal Vampires and all of the middle Vampires. As well as pure Lycanthropy .. hybrid etc. We all are a common brothers & sisters. To me we all are as one! We are all strong links in a great big chain. They won’t lose there power! I know that is a big deal. I also was ESP’d by a vampire. Not sure weather he was a Royal or not. But he had many wives. His women told me that they don’t want anymore women Vampires. They have enough. lol I’m like well that is good. I am something else anyhow. When I was face to face with one at Walmart. I don’t know if he was Royal. To me we all are one. We sense each other. I never seen myself as better than anyone.. nor will I ever! I see myself as one with Nature! As my father did. Would be nice if they did accept hybrids and there brothers. Working together for the common good of our future!

    1. I doubt a royal vampire would be anywhere near a Walmart but I guess anythings possible. Sort of the same way you wouldn’t expect to find human royalty in common stores. Although if they get the scent of a desirable person they’ll track them anywhere. Many times however the royals simply send out minions to bring back humans for their amusement, and blood. I shudder to think of the hell that might be taking place in the castles, and mansions of these royal elite vampires. The same thing that goes on in human royal elite estates as well where people makes claims of abuse or bodies are found on estates yet the royals never get charged with anything because they own law enforcement, and the governments as well despite being portrayed as innocent, and powerless monarchies.

      Yes we’re all interconnected because ultimately we’re all pure thought spiritual beings connected to the pure thought of God inside his mind. It’s his way to experience all that can be. In a way all beings are apart of his sub-conscious. This might make God more of a neutral being rather than 100% good since evil beings reside in him as well.

  5. Just a Random Question, what would be the result of a Living Dead Lycan mating with a First Generation Vampire? What would be the result of a Biological Demon Mating with a First Generation vampire?

      1. Would a Demon Vampire have a thirst for blood only, or would there be an additional thirst for flesh? Could they walk in the sunlight or would they die like a Vampire? Would they have a psi powers?

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