What Effect Does A Lunar Eclipse Have On A Werewolf?

Depending on their age and resistance to the metaphysical energies of the Moon a Werewolf can transform when the Moon is 80% to 100% of Full. A complete lunar eclipse is also known as a Blood Moon due to the crimson hue it ominously floods forth. All Blood Moons, including the non-eclipse variety as seen on Halloween, are generally controlled by demonic forces. Their dark energy is known to greatly increase aggression and power in paranormal creatures across the supernatural spectrum. This evil effect lasts well past the hours of the eclipse itself. It even takes place before the enchanted event! The Blood Moon’s perplexing power exists within the 80%+ of Full range. This is especially true in the case of the monstrous Werewolf. Interestingly enough, cloud cover holds little sway over the Moon’s influence on demonic based Werewolf DNA. Although deep cloud cover will slightly weaken a werewolf. Unfortunately not enough to save your life!

Total Lunar Eclipses

When it comes to total lunar eclipses there is another terrifying twist! During the eclipse, Werewolves will actually de-transform from their horrifying hairy form. They will appear human yet still maintain the malevolent mind of a werewolf out for blood and violence! Once the eclipse has ended they return to Werewolf form until the first embers of sunlight herald the end of the nightmarish night! If anyone witnessed them committing inadvertent murder while in human werewolf form they could be arrested and put on trial. Possibly branded as a serial killer set to spend the rest of their life in prison or a mental institution.

The Criminal Plight Of The Lunar Eclipse Werewolf

This would especially be true if police attempted to apprehend them during the eclipse and witnessed it themselves. They would be ill-equipped for capture and unable to handle what the next Full Moon transformation would bring. Long before that happened the US Paranormal Defense Agency, aka Men In Black, would swoop in to cover-up the entire incident. All records would be scrubbed clean and the werewolf would disappear. They would find themselves in a supernatural government lab for the rest of their life! Mostly though they end up as fugitives on the run with no way to prove their innocence via Lycanthrope Incapacity.

Partial Lunar Eclipses

Varying degrees of lunar eclipses may cause differing degrees of de-transformation. For instance, a 50% partial eclipse would cause the appearance of Wolf Man or Woman. Still, they would have the totality of their monsters mind. Oddly enough a total solar eclipse causes the appearance of a diurnal Wolf Person. They become true human-wolf hybrids in bipedal form with their human persona, and consciousness intact. Naturally, they can be easily angered as they attempt to suppress their violent urges! Even in human form for most of the month werewolves must work to keep their emotions in check.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipses

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse only casts the Earth’s shadow subtlety upon the Moon. This type of eclipse actually dampens lunar energies and calms Werewolves down with a slight decrease in paranormal power. During the penumbral eclipse itself, there is generally minimal werewolf activity as they rest in the shadows until startled by something. During the continued duration of the Full Moon, the calming effect will remain to an extent thereby causing less mayhem during these supernatural nights.

Lunar Eclipse Werewolf Cure?

It’s also rumored that the werewolf Lycanthropia virus is vulnerable during a total lunar eclipse and that there’s a chance for a cure. While in human form amid their Werewolf persona a restoration of full humanity may be possible during the eclipse. This could be possible through marvelous magics and perhaps even experimental Cryptozoological anti-viral treatments. There’s even a closely guarded mystical ritual that calls upon an armada of Moon Goddesses. They must also ingest a perplexing potion that includes the blood of a parent and the one who made them a werewolf to begin with. Naturally, this would require some powerful people to keep the werewolf in place as he or she would surely not be in any condition to cooperate!🐺

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