March 5, 2024
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11 years ago

I was wondering what do you know about Wendigos? Have you ever encountered any? And which do you think is stronger a Werewolf or a Wendigo? Do you think that a lone werewolf would even have a chance on its own against a Wendigo?

Xavier Remington
11 years ago
Reply to  Nathan4059

I’m writing a Wendigo article. I should be posting it tomorrow although Rebecca might distract me. None of us have ever dealt with a Wendigo. However I just discovered Drake Alexander, our vampire associate, fought one in the late 1860’s after he fought in the Civil War. Drake stopped in Wisconsin before heading out west. He saved a Chippewa tribe from an anti-Native American mob. He then spent some time with them, and one night he heard screams of terror. It was a Wendigo attacking. Drake thought it was a Werewolf but it was too skinny, the face looked different, and it spent most of it’s time on two legs rather than all fours like a Werewolf does most of the time. He heard people scream “Wendigo” in their native Algonquian tongue. At the time he had no idea what a Wendigo was. He just assumed it was a messed up Werewolf. He soon realized he was dealing with a violent intelligence rather than a mindless rage filled Werewolf. The Wendigo took a chunk out of Drake’s arm, and tasted it. He quickly spat it out as Drake hit him with his other arm sending the disgusting beast crashing through two wigwams. The beast quickly recovered, and sped toward Drake so fast that he knocked him to the ground. The Wendigo then started digging his razor sharp claws into his chest. Clearly he was going for the heart. Drake managed to snap the bastards arm, and he reversed positions, and sunk his teeth into the Wendigo. The blood was so vile tasting that it distracted him, and he was launched through a three causing it to crash to the ground. Drake sprung up, picked up the tree trunk, and used it as a baseball bat which sent the Wendigo flying into a pond nearby. Drake raced in after him, and a battle ensued for several minutes before Drake managed to plunge his hand through the Wendigo’s chest thereby pulling it’s heart out, and crushing it in his hands. The Wendigo collapsed to the ground, and the Indians quickly threw the corpse on to a bonfire.

Unfortunately the blood was deeply poisonous to vampires, and Drake began having insane hallucinations, and violent thoughts. He suddenly went on a bloody killing spree for one hour. An hour he regretted the rest of his life. For he saved the tribe from the Wendigo but the Wendigo’s blood turned Drake into a killing machine. When he snapped out of it he found most of the tribe massacred. As he lie among the ruins of wigwams, and bloodied bodies he cried profusely. The only silver lining was the family he was staying with. They had run away early on, and hid up in a tree nearby. The forgave him, and told him it wasn’t his fault. It was the curse of the Wendigo. Drake was already guilty for the lives he took in the Civil War, and then he was beyond remorseful over the deaths of all those innocent Native Americans. He took part in a cleansing ritual with the family, and helped bury everyone. He was told he was forgiven by all the dead spirits, and he would not be haunted for the accidental slaughters. After he told me this he broke down crying which is why I’m re-telling his story.

7 years ago

If one was a third generation vampire, would their werewolf half be as strong as their vampire half?

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