What Are The Early Signs Of Demonic Possession?

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Demonic PossessionIn most cases demons don’t instantly possess someone.  In addition possessions can vary based on the will power, and mental state of the human in question along with the paranormal power of the demon.  Most possessions are incremental in nature as the demon brakes down the barriers of the mind, and to some extent is granted permission to enter at a sub-conscious level.  Early signs of demonic possession include erratic behavior, sudden angry outbursts, nonsensical gibberish, and just generally acting psychotic to varying degrees.  This is why so many cases go undiagnosed, and the possessed person ends up in a mental institution for the better part of their lives.

Below is a video we found on Youtube of person whose clearly in the first stages of being possessed by a demon from hell.  Viewer discretion is advised!  I promise you that the deranged behavior of this woman is beyond disturbing, and scary as hell!  Her other videos don’t disappoint on this level as well.  We pray for her soul in this dangerous time, and recommend she bathe in holy water while saying the Lords prayer holding a cross or crucifix in hand.  Getting the blessing of a Priest would be another essential step in damning the demonic entity back to hell.  If things are allowed to progress too far then the services of a professional Exorcist, generally a religious Priest, or even a non-dark magic practitioner.

The Face Of Demonic Possession

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8 thoughts on “What Are The Early Signs Of Demonic Possession?

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  2. Wow.. yeah’ this woman is definitely scary. Or she’s just very evil herself. But yeah she sure acts possessed. Or a Devil worshiper. She reminds me of the woman in Misery. lol

    • Wow that is deeply disturbing. I didn’t see that post yet. She’s a prime candidate for Dimitri Diablo’s daughter. We haven’t heard about him having any kids especially considering how he considers humans to be lower beings despite the fact he is or was human. If he did have a daughter she could technically be the Anti-Christ now that he’s the Devil or King Of Hell.

    • I’m doing great! Me, and my coven got naked again, and danced around a huge bonfire in the Enchanted Woodland all night long in celebration of Litha, the summer solstice. The power combined with yours has totally blocked out Dimitri Diablo’s dream weaving horrors. Julia Hathaway was there, and she said she sensed Father Tom was nearby watching again. I also looked up in a tree nearby, and saw Zack Powers spying on us. Our coven ended up exposing 15 other men hiding nearby skulking about like pervs. We played some tricks on some of them. Let’s just say a number of men had the crap scared out of them when they realized they had been transformed into women. Although it was only a temporary illusion. It was beyond hilarious to send them screaming into the night,”OMG I have breasts!” 🙂

  3. Touhou, I’m speaking from experience; the first time I prayed to a demon or “Demonolatry”(the worship of demons), weird things happened the next day I was home alone on a Wednesday because I didn’t want to go to church with the family, I was on the computer playing Chess, then a slight fear rushed over me the fear gradually grew to the point where I couldn’t move and hardy breath, at that moment in the door way there was a slight simmer in a humanoid form just stood there, by this time the fear was so immense it was bringing tears in my eyes, until I mustered up the willpower to say “go away”…..I then stood up my body was shaking so much due to fear, I walked to the living sat on the couch for a few minutes, I passed out I think, because I woke up as my family opened the door getting back from church. If that answered you question. 🙂

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