December 4, 2022

16 thoughts on “Can Angelic DNA Degrade Into Demonic DNA?

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  2. hello,
    I find it illogical that an angel can be a demon, tell me why, I think the angel is an entity made ​​of pure ”energy”, is like a baby. I do not know how to convince you but i think that’s the truth.

    1. I’m talking about the rare instances where Angels take human form. Incidentally Angels can be entities originally created by God or dead humans who ascended to Angelhood. In their natural state within Heaven they are composed of pure thought. When descending into lower dimensions on their way to ours they are pure energy. The Universe is ultimately composed of the pure thought of God which eventually transitions into pure energy, and then into the matter we see around us. As for Demons, every last one of them are fallen Angels. Demons are the first evil, and God wouldn’t create such a thing. When an Angel comes to Earth in a biological form, and turns evil, for whatever reason, their DNA degrades into demon DNA. If a Demon takes biological form and turns good then it’s DNA ascends to Angelic form.

  3. possible, so you think the angel is free as a human, but in our dimension it can become evil?
    by thinking about it, Jason Voorhies can be a living demon?
    a living demon can change the look of his face? to appear as jason…
    I think jason as I said in my previous message, it is not dead, he grew up in the forest after it dies, it becomes a zombie and the latest movies,it’s not the real jason but a real demon! because it is able to regenerate after shots.
    what do you think?

    1. An Angel can be lured to the side of evil on Earth or in Heaven. After all the first Demon Lucifer was the highest Archangel in Heaven.

      I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure what Jason is until some paranormal investigators hunt the son of bitch down, and strap him on to a lab table for a supernatural examination.

  4. it seems illogical typical angels were created to do good and not evil, you give the example of Satan, I do not think the devil was an angel at the origin, unlike the real angels! probably a jinn, it is different, it is not born angel.

    1. Actually that’s common knowledge that Demons are fallen Angels with the Devil being the first. Just read the Bible, and several other publications. Angels aren’t robots, and they do have free will. Under your theory God made Angels for good so they could do no wrong, and had no free minds, and could make no choices. In essence they would be the slaves of God.

      Jinn are beings totally encapsulating in another reality, and were not intended to interact with anyone in this Universe. However every so often one escapes their Universe, and causes havoc here. Then it’s up to someone to either send them back or lock them away in special bottles or lamps. Then they becomes Genies. However if the forces of evil intervene they may in fact become a Demon. Although Jinn Demons are rare.

  5. you compare the angels to human , beings of light are different from us, unlike us they have been created to fulfill a duty, every angel has a specific role.
    they know God, surely better than humans, they know what it is capable, they respect, they are completely submitted to God.
    men are weak, they may be tempted, not the angels.
    I do not deny that Satan is a fallen angel, I think it goes through several stages before becoming the demon god.

  6. Angels also can falter. They have temptations like humans do. They just think much differently than most common people. Since they don’t live in a bubble. They know what is real and what isn’t. Humans live in a bubble that everything is fiction. Born innocent into this world. Humans are susceptible to all sorts of kayos. Most people are simply afraid of what they don’t understand. Very fragile creatures! Why the angels are here to protect them. They know they can’t save or protect all the humans. But they try!

    Seems that there’s a great big family feud in our Cozmo’s. Lucifer was a magnificent angel. I have seen him. He showed me his past. He was all the makings of a grand Angel. But he wasn’t happy. Something happened. I believe he left haven for love. Something tempted him so strongly that he went his own way. He did not show me everything. I only seen the last moments he had in Haven. and I could feel his conflict! I do not know why .. and who was causing him to want to leave. What I do know. All beings need LOVE! Love is the thing mortar that keeps our foundation together. Without this we sees to exist! Lucifer wanted to love a human. Did not work out so well for him. This is what I was shown. I take pity on anyone who lost love. It’s just knowing when love is worth fighting for. What is at risk? Would you risk it all?

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