Can You Be Cursed A Vampire, Werewolf, Or Zombie?

Werewolf MoonVarious television shows, and movies have put forth the premise of a witch, Gypsy, or other practitioner of magic, cursing people into becoming various supernatural beings.  This has most often included werewolves, vampires, and zombies.  If a witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, or anyone else for that matter has enough magical power they can pretty much curse anyone into anything. Powerful Gypsies are the most notorious for curse creation, and will do whatever it takes to make their threat happen!  It isn’t as simple as saying,”I curse you into a vampire!”  There needs to be big time magical juice, and a determined will to manifest their curse depending on how tall an order they’re making.  Cursing someone into having bad luck isn’t that hard.  Cursing them to be a cat is somewhat more difficult.  However cursing someone into a powerful paranormal entity is exponentially a monumental task.  Something usually reserved for deep revenge since ultimately it would be easier just to eradicate someone.  The Curse is almost always reserved for someone who feels their enemies death for would be far too easy, and merciful an end.

Cursing is far more than merely magically glamouring, or physically transforming their
appearance into a particular being.  It’s the creation of a fully functional entity as if they came into existence the normal way.  It also goes beyond magic spells which can be easily reversed by a competent practitioner of magic.  Zombies are the easiest because they can be created from magic as well as the Zombification Virus passed from other zombies.  Vampires, and Werewolves are more difficult since they are demonic based.  The most difficult are vampires since their is a precise ritual required from a vampire to sire a human into it’s own kind.  Since vampires can lead extraordinary, and sometimes glamorous lives the vampire curse tends to be a monstrous Nosferatu type.  So they would be truly cursed to hide in the shadows unable to blend in with humans.  Cursed Werewolves tend to be in wolf form all month except on the night of the New Moon when they return to human form briefly.  Cursed Zombies just rot as usual yet retain their human persona so they can suffer.

Werewolf Vampire Zombie CursesSo next time someone threatens to curse you take it seriously because they may be the real supernatural deal!  Look into who they are before laughing it off.  If they seem to be into the magical world then it would be best to simply back off, or find someone paranormal to protect you from their wrath!  Once you’re officially cursed it’s next to impossible to reverse it unless you find an extremely powerful practitioner of magic.  Curses are intertwined with the Curser’s, and Cursee’s immortal souls.  Breaking a curse can have several negative repercussions so it’s best to avoid them at all costs!

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