What Happens To Vampires In Prison?

If a Vampire ends up in jail there are concerns such as sunlight exposure, medical exams, and blood consumption without anyone noticing. The longer they go without blood the weaker they get. Really though escape from a standard jail would be a snap for any vampire. That being said it would be next to impossible for a vampire to end up in a non-paranormal prison against their will, to begin with. Overpowering, and/or hypnotizing law enforcement isn’t a big deal for even a newbie vamp of the lowest generations. Although there can be inadvertent religious artifacts present, or a previous battle that weakened them. There could also be too many humans on the scene to compel into control or an important person who happens to be immune to hypnotism. Then we have the vampires who want to maintain the human life they’ve built for themselves rather than moving on to a new identity before it’s time. They willingly go to jail to maintain the illusion. That is the plight of immortals, such as vampires, who wish to lead somewhat normal lives. Those who never truly embrace their dark bloody eternal nature.

Paranormal Prisons

In the secret supernatural community, there are a number of specialized prisons designed to hold paranormal beings including vampires. One of the most famous jails exists in the sub-basement caverns of the McTavish Magic School in Scotland. These private prisons exist in lieu of any official all-encompassing metaphysical government. However, there is a first-generation vampire royalty headquartered out of Transylvania that has created a supernatural shadow government of sorts. Most vampires choose to accept their authority due to the awesome power they wield. Others prefer to be rebels in the spirit of the freedom of being immortal. Vampires who personally disrespect a royal, or defy their authority are the ones most likely to end up in a royal prison. Those who threaten to expose vampires to the world, whether on purpose or by their own idiocy, are dealt justice in a swift manner via Vampire Knights or Enforcers! Often they are foolish Nosferatu type vampires. Such unruly vampires are either executed, buried alive, or kept as an unwilling court jester via hypnotic compelling. They can also be put in a dungeon with intermittent sun exposure, and denial of blood as a punishment! A life sentence for a vampire can truly be a living hell that could go on for countless centuries!

Amnesia Can Spare A Vampire Trouble In Prison

There have been cases of vampires who suffered from temporary amnesia for various reasons. Our very own Drake Alexander was blown up in an extraterrestrial vessel in 2011 and had amnesia while making his way around Kentucky. He was one of the 50% who actually displayed human qualities to a certain extent. It’s almost as if their vampire state is amazingly dependent on them believing they’re a supernatural being. They won’t burst into flames in sunlight, religious artifacts won’t hurt them, they eat food and don’t crave blood. These forgetful vamps don’t display any outwardly obvious paranormal properties. Although medical exams still reveal no brain activity, no heartbeat, or any functioning human organs. From a Doctor’s perspective, they’re conducting an autopsy on an animated well-preserved corpse! Sometimes this revelation triggers their memory, and they return to full vampire form. Usually, though the US Paranormal Defense Agency is alerted to the unusual medical findings, and swoops in to take the vampire into top-secret custody. Interestingly enough a more powerful vampire hypnotizing them into believing they’re human doesn’t work in hiding their supernatural side?

Can A Vampire Enter Another Prisoner’s Cell?

So you find yourself in prison, and the guy in the next cell over is clearly a vampire. His cellmate is quite pale, and weak due to the nightly blood drainage!  Will you be safe in your own jail cell?  The global spell that requires vampires to be invited into your home won’t work on individual prison cells unless special measures are taken. The issue is that a prison is public government property, and inmates are there against their will. Although, a prisoner can activate the global vampire invitation spell by simply declaring their cell as a willful home, and accepting they deserve to be there.

Accepting Guilt Can Save Your Life In Prison!

Clearly, if you’re not guilty, and wrongfully incarcerated you will have to make yourself believe you’re guilty. For the sake of ensuring your safety against a vampire intrusion after lights out. They can easily break out of their cell and into another! Perhaps focusing on something you really are guilty of will work best. Recite the following while splashing holy water around the perimeter of your cell with double concentrations at the entrance. The prison church should have some holy water handy. Otherwise, ask to see a Priest, and he can bless some water:

I declare this abode my willful home,
Within this den of iniquity, I acknowledge my guilt,
I pay for my sins in blood,
(Cease holy water splashing, use a pin to prick your finger, and allow a few drops of blood to fall at the cell entrance.)  Then recite the final line:
I deny all entities of evil entry into my home unless invited!

Once The Cell Is Spelled The Fun Begins!

Your prison cell is now safe from vampires, and a variety of demonic creatures! If by chance you do this, and suddenly your new cellmate turns out to be a vampire who hasn’t entered yet then things get interesting. The prison guard will be trying to force him into the cell while the vampire pleads with you to invite him in. You stand there arms folded while smiling with glee as other guards begin to beat him for resisting their commands. He may fight back, and escape or allow himself to be taken to solitary confinement which would be the best thing for all concerned! Of course, there will be questions when several guards can’t even push him into the cell! If the vampire is in the cell sleeping, and you do the spell, then he will never wake up until removed from said cell. Presumably, the vampire wouldn’t let you recite the incantation if he was awake. If you managed to pull it off he would begin going mad and flee from the cell in fright!🧛 [Twitter]

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