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Our latest warnings, and alerts pertaining to the world of the paranormal:

  • Honey Moon Werewolf And Bee Warning June 5, 2020
    The Full Moon Of June 2020 is prophesied to be a Honey Moon of a more horrifying sort! This despite most sources still saying it will be the usual Strawberry Moon. A Honey Moon generally occurs when various Goddesses of … Continue reading →
  • Super Flower Moon Werewolf Warning May 6, 2020
    The Full Moon of May is usually known as the Flower Moon due this being the time of year that blossoms begin growing across the landscape. As with any Moon more than 80% of Full, the threat of Werewolf activity … Continue reading →
  • Enchanted Easter Egg Supermoon Werewolf Warning April 7, 2020
    The Full Moon of April is generally known as the Pink Moon in both the paranormal and mainstream world. This is due to the first pink-hued flowers of spring such as Pink Moss, Mountain Phlox, and Pink Phlox. Sometimes the … Continue reading →
  • 2020 April Fools Alert! April 1, 2020
    Despite the global pandemic taking place April Fool’s Day has not been canceled. At least not as far as the Trickster The April Fool is concerned. He is out in full force to not only paranormally prank people for his … Continue reading →
  • Dark Luck Super Storm Moon Werewolf Warning March 10, 2020
    The Full Moon of March is usually known as the Storm Moon due to the turbulent weather involved in the transition from winter to spring. Some call it the Worm Moon due to springs thawing soils causing Earthworms to burrow … Continue reading →

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