If Zombies Eat Humans Then How Are New Ones Made?

Zombies have a ravenous appetite for live humans! Theoretically, all people they come into contact with should be eaten alive down to the bones! This would mean no new zombies could transform from said humans. Naturally, some people are only bitten one or more times before managing to escape the walking dead grip. Later on, as the Zombie Virus takes hold they become members of the living dead on the prowl for fresh flesh. Despite this there are plenty of people who don’t escape while one or more zombies end up not eating that much of them. Sometimes this is the result of catching the scent of another human nearby or seeing them move. Also hearing them make a noise. Zombies can be easily distracted by new prey who stimulate their supernatural senses.🧟‍♀️

The Picky Zombie Eater

Depending on the Zombie Virus strain, an infected victim can become zombified within minutes or up to three days. The first hint of transformation taints the flesh as the zombies sense it is becoming their own kind. This halts consuming of the former human. If someone’s heart is still beating then the virus will surge throughout the body thus also making the flesh undesirable to the walking dead. They are tasting the virus even if the transformation to living dead hasn’t been made yet. They can also catch the scent of the virus in their victims as well. These factors become exponential when multiple zombies have bitten the same person. This causes the same repellent properties as covering yourself in rotted zombie flesh! In addition, the 10% of the populace who are immune to various zombie viral strains don’t taste right to the living dead. The 1% who are completely immune will give off an aroma that makes zombies ignore them. This 1% includes Immortal Humans.

Catching The Zombie Virus

People can also become zombies without ever having to deal with one in person. The virus can be airborne in enclosed spaces without proper ventilation. For instance a sewer tunnel or deep cavern with rotting zombie flesh strewn about. This is rare since oxygen-rich air flow easily overcomes the zombie virus in most venues. Certainly, the ceremonial slathering of zombie guts on ones person to blend into walking dead hordes has its risks. However, it can be safe outdoors so as long as flesh isn’t getting inside your body. Once indoors there is the risk of inhaling the virus. Other contamination concerns include water sources and even produce grown outdoors. They can hold the zombie virus under certain circumstances. Take care in what you ingest during the Zombie Apocalypse or local epidemic.🧟‍♂️

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