How Do Zombies Digest Human Flesh?

Zombie HoardZombies are reanimated living dead corpses, or humans transformed into living dead corpses courtesy of the voracious paranormal zombie virus.  Walking dead headed down the hellish road of mindless cannibalism. A rabid road leading to the gradual rotting of flesh until nothing is left but a skeleton.  So how can a dead entity digest food of any sort let alone giant chunks of human flesh?  Zombification comes about when a body is infected with the mystical Zombie Virus.  This supernatural virus is in it’s highest concentrations in what’s called the Brain-Gut Corridor, and the Vagus Nerve.  While everything else has a consistent rot rate in zombies the brain, eyes, various nerves throughout the body, olfactory receptors in the nose, mouth, teeth, throat, esophagus, and stomach have minimal rotting until the rest of the body is nearly gone. Once locomotion is disabled zombies can no longer devour their human fuel, and the zombie virus weakens.  Then the normal rotting of dead flesh occurs with a minimum of zombified protections.

These regions, including the stomach that is transformed into a paranormal digestive system, are highly protected by the almost sentient zombie virus.  Newly ingested flesh making it’s way to the stomach is 100% supernaturally transformed into metaphysical energized nutrients that the virus distributes throughout the body without need for the bloodstream of a circulatory system.  So there is nothing left to digest past the stomach.  In paranormal laboratory studies the food literally disappears from the stomach within minutes as flashes of light are given off.  Evidence of highly charged electromagnetic activity! This is the zombie virus assimilating it, and then distributing it.  The metaphysical nutrients first go to the aforementioned protected regions, and then to the rest of the body passing along sustenance to each individual virus strand in the entire body.

Cryptozoologists have noted that zombies displaying advanced necrosis still have
brains, eyes, teeth, and a stomach in supernatural working condition even as they’re mere skeletons not even able to walk anymore as they pull themselves along the ground by sheer supernatural force.  Only at this point where the muscles, and flesh have rotted from the bone do we see the beginning of the end as the protected regions begin to decompose.  This is mainly due to the fact that mobility, and therefore prey hunting abilities are severely limited.  Without the fuel of human flesh they will rot like any other corpse.  The more human, or animal flesh they consume the longer they will last but of course the end is inevitable since the necrosis is never completely halted.

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