What’s A Reverse Zombie?

Reverse Zombies have a minor similarity to the zombies in the video game “Plants vs Zombies“. They eat plants but unlike standard Zombies, or the ones in the game, they don’t have any instinctual push to consume human flesh or brains. The Reverse Zombie is a relatively new Supernatural Being created by human scientists in 1999. These unsavory scientists were members of a now totally tanked shadow corporation that was a secret subsidiary of a major multinational agrochemical biotechnology company.  We’re unable to name said company for liability reasons. Needless to say they’re a corporation famous for dark deeds against Mother Nature! Ironically this zombie is physically harmless to humans but can cause devastating damage on crops crucial for survival in certain parts of the world!

The Vegetarian Zombies
The shadow scientists with supernatural backgrounds captured various standard brain eating zombies in the field, and experimented on the zombie virus within them.  By splicing various paranormal DNA, and RNA sequences they eventually altered the virus to reverse the cannibalistic cravings for human flesh.  Instead it was replaced with an insatiable urge to eat plant matter of any type. However the goal of the project was to create soulless sub-human weed eating machines with low overhead production expenses that would eventually rot into the soil as fertilizer. An effort to service third world nations who couldn’t afford their expensive herbicides, or who had laws banning them due to their cancer causing & birth defect effects. Naturally a great way for certain rogue regimes, and nefarious figures to utilize their pesky corpse baggage, and then dispose of them naturally!

Without going through the arduous, if not impossible, process of refining the specific flora target of the Reverse Zombie, they began digging up fresh corpses in graveyards, and robbing morgues as well. They infected the subjects with their new zombie virus thereby resurrecting the dead humans as Reverse Zombies.  There was no issue having these seemingly harmless monsters roaming about the labs, and corporate facility hidden in the woodlands of the US Northwest somewhere in Oregon. Unfortunately the janitorial staff had it’s work cut out for them cleaning up all manner of blasphemous biological debris, and the offending odors they left behind!

They began agricultural field tests utilizing brain embedded microchips that in essence compensated for their lack of additional zombified genetic engineering. The chip sent small electrical shocks to the brain directing the zombies to not eat valuable crops but rather the damaging weeds.  Things were going well so they prematurely began shipping Reverse Zombies to various third world buyers.  Unfortunately Reverse Zombies rot virtually the same as a standard human corpse out in the natural elements.  Especially rapid rotting took place in hot humid equatorial zones!  Normal zombies eat flesh to feed the zombie virus which in turn rewards it by quelling the corpse decaying process.  Eating plants on the other hand does nothing much as far as the virus is concerned. The Reverse Zombies simply have an insane vegetarian lust that is never satisfied!  They will eat 24-7 with a continuous plant supply! The issue of the rotting stink was dealt with via the corporations chemical deodorizers but the microchips quickly began dislodged amid the gooey melting flesh. This caused the Reverse Zombies to quickly consume every plant in sight wreaking major crop, and ecosystem havoc.  There were a handful of major events in the early 2000’s that were covered up by the shadow corporation, various governments, and the mainstream media they, and major multinational corporations control.

By 2005 the Reverse Zombie experiment was considered a failure, and virtually all the zombies were exterminated. However some escaped onto every continent on Earth, except Antarctica.  In the United States approximately four of the original test subjects escaped when their tracking devices fell off with some of their organs!  They went on to create more of their kind via transmission by crop.  The Reverse Zombie won’t bite anyone so they don’t create other zombies the old fashioned way.  The plants they chomp on retain the Reverse Zombie Virus, and when someone eats it they become a Reverse Zombie.  This usually isn’t an issue since they will voraciously eat every plant in sight but sometimes they’re startled or distracted causing them to wander off without finishing a plant.  A number of cases involve wild animals attacking them! Thankfully animals can’t catch the Reverse Zombie Virus so your pets are safe! Clearly the spread of the virus is a very clear, and present danger in farm fields, and backyard gardens!  So far the threat of a Reverse Zombie Apocalypse is thankfully remote!  Please take careful note of any deformed crops that may be zombie bites!

Like their flesh eating brothers they certainly have no fear of humans which is why a Reverse Zombie wandered into an Arizona supermarket in 2012. It proceeded to clean out the entire produce section with extreme prejudice as shocked shoppers gasped in horror!  The police showed up to arrest the “grotesque looking man who stank of wretched BO”  However by the time they got to the police station he was nothing but a twitching corpse decayed into several sections with barely digested fruits, and vegetables in the middle of the unimaginable mess! US Paranormal Defense Agents quickly swooped in to retrieve the corpse, and cover up the incident.

Interestingly enough the Reverse Zombie can be repelled with herbicide or with non-processed internal bio-matter such as blood, and organs.  Clearly most will go with the herbicide on this one!  The normal Zombie Repellants, that include various noxious plants, don’t work. In fact they will devour the plants without missing a beat!  Of course you can also throw any type of plant matter at them as well if you don’t want to deal with their terrifying appearance, and unholy stench.  Despite the lack of physical danger in their presence it is possible to contact their brand of zombie virus is you have close contact with them! If you spot a Reverse Zombie or any type of Walking Dead corpse immediately call your nearest zombie exterminators, or paranormal professionals!

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