Has God Ever Walked Among Us?


By God we mean the God of our Omniverse, or beyond to the Macroverse level.  What the average person would just call the Universe. And by walk among us, we mean actually physical, preferably biological, form. Certainly, the Earthly Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.) have walked among us.  As for the Omniverse God some count Jesus Christ as God but he is only the first son of the Omniverse God.  Since he was fathered through a biological process he was a Demigod.  However, if he directly translated from his Heavenly form then he would be considered a God.  For the record, his official title is that of God Of The Multiverses, and also Vice-God Of The Omniverse.

There are a sparse few recorded incidents in secret ancient historical records that indicate the presence of the Omniversal God was among us.  It would be fair to say there are probably a lot more unrecorded manifestations since he most likely walks the Earth in a stealth manner.  We’re not counting manifestations like burning bushes.  We’re talking an appearance in human form.  It’s safe to say that observing everything within ones mind wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the curiosity of an omnipotent entity.  He has most likely taken the form of every animal, and plant at one time or another. Much in the same way we enter our minds in our dreams.

The first recorded incident in human history supported by other ancient scrolls was Gods stroll through his newly formed Garden Of Eden.  There was a point in his programmed evolution process, also altered by the Goddess Gaia, where humankind was reaching the point of being considered the image of God.  He took it from there, and formed the Garden Of Eden where he brought the first official human man, and woman to life.  At some point later on he took a human form, and walked through the garden.  It’s unknown whether it was a biological or pure energy form like that of a hologram.  The Bible account leaves a lot out including the fact that God walked side by side with Mother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia.  Although it’s said she walked a quarter step back out of respect, and in awe of the Holy Lords presence.

The last known visit was in the year 666.  The last time the Devil was able to take physical form.  The Devil had plans to prematurely father the Anti-Christ, and was about to wipe out a rare isolated European village of God fearing people who were pure of heart.  God appeared, and said,”You shall not triumph this day Lucifer.  Your rebellious spirit has deeply disappointed me.  I damn you back to Hell my wayward son!”  With a wave of his hand the Devil was whisked away screaming into a vortex of red, and white swirling lights.  God then broke bread with his last truly faithful flock of humans.  That day he imbued them with immortal powers, and told them they would be needed at the time of Armageddon.   Until then he asked that they watch over the innocent, and the weak in his name.  These superhuman warriors, and guardians of God still walk among us.  They are called The Watchers but little else is known about them.

In addition physicists believe there are duplicates of ourselves not just in parallel Universes but across all reality based solely on the fact that there are only a finite number of combinations that particles can form into.  This means that versions of ourselves exist in other Multiverses, outside this Omniverse, and all across the great infinite expanse of the Macroverse.  Those unique particle combinations that are us vibrate at a certain frequency that matches our very souls.  So by this random phenomenon the Omniverse God, who was once a biological being him, or herself, would come into biological existence, once again, within their own Omniverse.  Said biological being would have no clue they were the Omniverse God but the Omniverse God would have memories of it. They may also purposely have themselves born as a human or other sentient being to experience a life within a reality where they’re God.  So you could very well be the God of this Omniverse without knowing it.  Of course ultimately most of us are already a God of some other Omniverse as we believe under the theory of Godhoodism.  Still there’s something special about eventually finding out you’re God of your own Universe.  So God does walk among us, and we have all known him in one parallel Universe or another.

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4 thoughts on “Has God Ever Walked Among Us?

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  2. Er..let me rephrase the question; Are any of these gods real?

    Cthulhu,Adaedu, Alithlai-Tyy, Dveahtehs, Eyroix, Ovytonv, Urthuvn,Xislanyx and Xuthyos-Sihb’Bz’

    I frequently see them brought up by Chaos Magicians, particularly Cthulhu. And if they are indeed real would they be considered a fraction in Armageddon?

    • I’ve been focusing on them, and it seems they existed in a bubble Universe for quite some time due to being fictional Gods created by H. P. Lovecraft, and August Derleth. These Gods entered enough of the collective consciousness to become reality. Then we have the magicians who didn’t want to utilize the current Earthly Gods for power, and turned to the Elder Gods. When enough people practicing magic begin believing in something it becomes more powerful. The Elder Gods have recently gained a toe hold in our reality but they will not take a part in Armageddon. Although those who may call upon them for power might.

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