Why Are We Forced To Exist Against Our Will?

This is the age old question for those who loath the path of their own life, and the many evils they witness around them.  This leads into the related question of why does God allow evil to exist?  Naturally there are those who don’t think it’s fair they have to be trapped in a biological form on this planet, and in this Universe under their particular undesirable circumstance.  They yearn to be free, and wish their life to be as they please with ease.  These people demand an answer as to why they have been forced to exist without their consent.  Most of us known full well that we weren’t just randomly born from two people mating.  We know that we were originally made by God in Heaven in an Angelic form outside of time.   We were born there with all the memories of this Universe, and all the other parallel Universes we exist in.  After reviewing several ancient scrolls, and speaking with psychics who have had contact with Angels, and other higher dimensional entities, we are relatively sure that we in fact give our consent to exist here.  Especially since free will is the number one universally accepted law.

Our soul is magically materialized with full recall of all our lives.  A counsel of Archangels then ask if we want to exist as we are.  We can’t pick, and choose which lives we will have because each one has a purpose.  Each reality is instrumental in shaping who we are.  So it’s either all or nothing.  Since at that point we’re in a super Angel form, with all those hellish lives behind us, we tend to say yes, and give consent to our existence.  It also helps that the majority of our lives tend to be rather decent with the real hellish ones being a smaller percentage.  If someone were to say no to existing then evidence indicates that they would be blinked from existence yet have their outward lives intact in the Universes since they’re  too intertwined with everyone else.  However they would only be an automated facsimile running on a pure thought program from Gods mind.  So anyone interacting with them would have no idea that they are in essence dealing with the equivalent of a soulless, and mindless biological puppet.  In such a case we would feel bad for anyone who called that person a friend or lover because it would all just be an illusion.  I guess it would just be another test to be looked at in the final judgement of ones many lives.  Ironically if someone comes into Heavenly existence, and is  judged evil then they are instantly blinked from existence.


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