January 30, 2023

12 thoughts on “Does The Vatican Hold Ancient Secret Biblical Scrolls?

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  2. I must say’ Bravo! 🙂 You are correct! People rather live in there bubbles than to step out and see the world and universe for what it truly is. Yes the religions love to keep up in the dark so to speak. They love the power of the masses over the centuries. Yes there will be a breaking point! The one who will throw there words back at them and actually hold ground to destroy there evil plan. People deserve to know the truth. It is everyone’s birth right to walk there own paths in life! God knows who are responsible. In time change will come as foretold.

    I never heard of the 777 Christ. I have been questioning the churches a long time. I was even wondering if the Anti-Christ is the one to deliver us from the corrupt powerful humans. The churches know there time is coming. So they keep the masses afraid of the Anti-Christ 666 & Satan. In reality it is them we should fear. The bible is the biggest rip off through t the centuries. Not saying God is.. I am saying MEN are. We have been blinded for too long! I also know Jesus had a daughter. And her blood line is in this world. The child from his blood is the one they fear. And they should! There time is short!

    1. Armageddon or an Apocalypse is the ultimate battle of good versus evil that reigns down upon the Earth causing mass chaos which would include environmental and weather catastrophe’s along with violent global war. The force battle between angels, and demons happening beyond the perception of our senses will be seen through these hellish Earthly conditions. There’s also talk of a third faction, the Earthly Gods joining in the battle for their own interests. There’s a very good probability of it happening in 2012 but the forces of Good fight to stop it. Even some forces of evil don’t want it due to the potential end to their nefarious way of life.

    1. I told Xavier to stop getting so angry at the injustices at the world which in turn causes him to be impatient with people. I also assured Drake you weren’t a legal liability so you can ask questions again but don’t post too many at a time. Just don’t ever mention the sissycide as we call it.

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