Hit The Superhuman Jackpot With A Ground Zero Nuclear Blast!

In a previous article, we discussed the metaphysical implications of being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion. In particular, the potential of your consciousness time traveling back or even forward in time via the immense energy infusion. A power push so off the scales that it surges into your very metaphysical energy soul. Your consciousness travels along the four-dimensional expanse of your 3-D minds and bodies throughout every point in time like a temporal railroad. Once in the past, your future consciousness assimilates the new brain while your past self takes a back seat split-personality style. However, over time there is usually a gradual melding of the two before memory of the future is lost. Although it may still exist in the sub-conscious. After this prolific Déjà vu often occurs. This paranormal phenomenon is known as Nuclear Temporal Self-Possession.

If the energy from the nuclear event is too great then the non-corporeal time traveler might shoot past their birth thereby becoming a standard ghost in the distant past. However, the technical term is Nuclear Temporal Ghost. When traveling to a time when the traveler is still in the womb, or while a baby, the developing brain would most likely be unable to accept the massive information of the future mind. It would either be condensed in the sub-consciousness or shot forth to become a ghost completely bound to their own body. At some point, they would attempt to possess themselves and the normal process of Nuclear Temporal Self-Possession mentioned above would begin.

The Superhuman Lottery Happens At The Moment Of Conception
If a traveler manages to infuse their metaphysical spirit into their essence at the exact moment of conception a unique enchantment occurs. The baby will be born as a Superhuman with the potential to possess all manner of powers including super strength, speed, agility, senses, and various psychokinetic powers. Of course, this depends on the person looking to discover and exercise said abilities. They will also possess strong healing abilities, immunity to all disease, immortality, and extraordinary intelligence! They have the best potential to ascend to higher dimensional Godhood within their lifetimes. The theory behind this power is the fact that the human soul wouldn’t yet connect at this early stage of pregnancy. This occurs when there is adequate brain development. With the traveler’s unnatural connection, a magical activation of super genes occurs.

The traveler’s spirit doesn’t become a ghost but rather immediately connects with the natural higher dimensional soul. Melded together they create an aura around the growing child until a brain emerges for the soul to merge with. There are varying degrees of powers if the spirit is infused beyond this point up to the exact moment the brain is developed enough to accept alignment with their higher dimensional soul. However, the traveler is a ghost and does not merge with the soul thereby lessening the power effect greatly. If they possess their child self and eventually merge with the mind there might be some above average abilities present.

The Source Of The Fabled Neutral Christ’s Powers
It’s rumored that the Neutral Christ, a champion of humankind to rule themselves free of higher dimensional beings, may acquire his powers in this way. A person at a ground zero nuclear event in the future whose spirit is sent back to their conception. They eventually have a strong sub-conscious urge to prevent the demise of humankind they were apart of! Their paranormal powers would most likely develop over time. The unique nature of their melded spirits would make it difficult for anyone to detect said powers. They would easily pass as a normal human. A natural protection mechanism to prevent extermination by various minions of darkness! There is also some other unknown unique factor setting them apart from other nuclear spirit travelers.

The Odd Tale Of Nature Deity Who Was Former Human

On an interesting side note, if you’re far enough from ground zero not to get killed then you could become an Incredible Hulk. However, you need to have the right genes to absorb the gamma radiation in the proper fashion to gain Hulk powers. Otherwise, you just get cancer like most people!

Does The Vatican Hold Ancient Secret Biblical Scrolls?

Will There Be A Neutral Christ Upon Our Earth?

Neutral Christ ScrollsYes indeed The Vatican, and other Christian religious authorities, have suppressed a missing Biblical chapter called “The Destiny Of Mankind” that would have told the tale of the so called Neutral Christ who would save humankind from a damned ending to Armageddon while ushering in an eternity of enlightenment for Humankind.  A future of technological evolution that would eventually find human civilization ascending to Godhood in the higher dimensions of reality that eventually leads to discovering the Omniverse God.  The cryptic wording of the scrolls indicates that society would be allowed to advance free of widespread supernatural interference while meeting God on their own terms.  This however only happens if the Neutral Christ, the one whose number is 777, defeats the Anti-Christ, Son Of The Devil, in mortal combat. Unfortunately the Neutral Christ would only be a genetically perfect man or woman who would probably be considered super human at best but still wouldn’t have the demonic backed power of the Anti-Christ aka the one whose number is 666.  Just as Jesus Christ, the son of the Omniverse God, had the backing of his Father, and Heavenly Angels.  The Neutral Christ would only have humankind backing him up which could be enough if he was able to access the collective power of all human souls known as The Spirit Of Humankind. This could also include human Angels in Heaven as well.  It’s also been conjectured that The Neutral Christ could have the backing of some Earthly Nature God factions.

The Vatican suppresses the ancient Scrolls Of Destiny because it takes away from their hell fire doctrines, and power position as the top authority figures in religion.  They don’t want humankind to be free to make a choice.  They’d prefer we remain Gods children forever rather than growing up into Gods ourselves someday.  Although many religions serve an important purpose of creating a moral foundation for a civilized society it’s also notorious for being misused as a control mechanism to shackle people.  However in modern times governments seem to serve that purpose more than religion.

Interestingly it is also written that the Neutral Christ will be the Judas of the Anti-Christ.  He will falsely befriend the son of the Devil, and his Illuminated
servants.  These Illuminated ones probably refer to the Illuminati, aka global plutocratic elites.  The Neutral Christ’s betrayal however will not result in the Anti-Christ’s death.  Instead the betrayal will expose him to the world as the quintessence of evil since the Anti-Christ is a master of deception.  There are also indications that the plutocrats will back the Neutral Christ as a great leader of the most powerful nation on Earth thinking he will deceive the people.  Instead he will take back the nation in the name of the people thereby threatening the Anti-Christ’s plans, and his own nation which is said to be the second most powerful on Earth.  The scripture further stipulates that several assassination attempts will be made on the Neutral Christ but he shall refuse to die by the power of his own will, and drive to free humanity from the hellish shackles of global tyranny.

We know the Anti-Christ was born in Spring of 2015 but no word yet on whether the Neutral Christ has been born, or already exists among us.