What Are Supernatural Jabba’s?

Jabba Shape ShifterJabba’s are paranormal monsters named after the infamous Star Wars character Jabba The Hutt.  These relatively new Cryptids first began to appear in the 1950’s, and were merely classified as large scale cannibalistic Shape Shifters for a time until given the name Jabba in the mid 1980’s.  These are humans with a unique set of junk DNA.  Those usually responsible for superpowers in Humans.  These genes appear to interact with a combination of environmental pollutants such as radiation, and various chemicals including unnatural food additives.  Soon after genetic activation the human subject acquires a monumental appetite despite having a low metabolism.  They quickly pack on the pounds, and at some point they set their eyes on small humans.  Upon their first foray into cannibalism they begin to develop shape shifting properties that allow them to devour large items they can swallow whole.  They can literally stretch their mouths, and digestive systems to accommodate all manner of objects including furniture, and sometimes small vehicles!  However they primarily crave humans in an almost zombie way.  They retain their sentient intelligence, and are alive so they are by no means zombies. Although their persona is obsessed with devouring everything in sight!  In addition even if these cannibalistic sickos get so desperate as to start eating corpses they won’t turn into Ghouls.

The Jabba’s eventually bloat up to several tons or more in weight.  Their natural state is a grotesque blob of deformed blubber who limbs are barely visible amid their excessive flesh.  They will often have long periods of hibernation in desolate rural areas. Deep woods, and swamps are their favorites. Usually a body of water is nearby.  This low activity period goes on until they start to burn off too much fat, and then they shape shift to a human appearing mobile form so they can walk among us, and stalk their next meal!  At some point they grow so horizontally challenged that shape shifting ceases, and they eventually rot to death.  The average lifespan of a Jabba is only about 16 years or so!  In addition they are neither good nor evil.  Like Zombies they merely act on instinct. Therefore a human who becomes a Jabba is exempt from negative Afterlife ramifications associated with murder.  This despite the fact that their human soul remains attached, and in anguish over the heinous culinary acts they have performed.

Cryptozoologists have yet to find the specific set of mechanisms that cause Jabbaism nor the cure.  However if caught, and supernaturally treated in the early stages, a human can be restored to their former glory. There is no known defense against Jabba’s.  Even in their human shape shifting form beheading or lighting them ablaze causes them to shift back to blob form.  Often a 9 foot high pile of blubber several tons in weight. Their dense structure, and sheer mass make injuring them difficult, and the fat just seems to immediately fill in any wounds!  Even powerful paranormal beings seem to be no match for Jabba’s. Neither Demi-Demons, vampires, werewolves, zombies, or even Hulks have had any success in defeating these gargantuan entities! The fantastical power of their fat is legendary!  Just think of a fight between the Incredible Hulk, and Angry Birds Big Terrance as an example. Not even the most famous Shapeshifter, Slender Man, was a match for a Jabba he came across in the early 1990’s!  Unfortunately just as he was about to be squashed into oblivion he chickened out and Teleported away to safety! Of course Slender has his own protection spell mechanism so it’s doubtful he would have died.

Jabba Human

Human Form Jabba

Jabba’s aren’t demonic in nature so religious artifacts have no effect. For reasons unknown they seem to be immune to even the most magnificent magics. Possibly some protection caused by a direct tapping into the supernatural human soul? If they don’t eat you whole then they’ll simply sit on you causing you to literally flatten like a pancake!  Your only defense is to run because that they don’t do very well moving fast even in their brief human forms.  That mass is still with them. It’s just extremely tight packed into their compact form. Paranormal professionals have been able to capture, and contain Jabba’s in their hibernation state with the element of surprise, and special heavy lifting equipment of steel.  There are at least three live specimens currently locked away in secret underground supernatural facilities around the world.  Study continues into these deeply disturbing supernatural oddities!

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