August 8, 2022

9 thoughts on “Do Zombies Walk In The Sunlight?

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  2. Hi Ashley. This is very helpful information. I was thinking they were of demonic DNA. I guess I am wrong. Anything so bad and so hungry for human flesh must be of something demonic. This is very surprising to me. 🙂 Just when I think I know everything I’m wrong!! 😉 lol Thank you for this info. Have a good weekend. Nice to meet you Ashley’. Angela 🙂

    1. The first clue to them not being demonic was the fact that religious artifacts never repelled them. However that isn’t the case in instances where a demon is raising corpses from the dead, either through it’s own power, or by possessing a dead body. If a practitioner of magic calling upon a demon for the power to raise the dead will make the zombie vulnerable to religious artifacts such as holy water. Most zombies these days are the product of a witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer raising the dead for their own nefarious purposes. This magic of spells, and potions is based on the original zombie virus which was an accidental confluence of events in 4129 BC Sumer. However before that attempts had always been made to raise the dead. It’s unknown if any ever succeeded. The zombie virus was created when a man thought to be dead, but instead in a coma, was embalmed using new magical elements. As he died it reacted with his decaying cells creating the first zombie. Most magic spells, and potions raising the dead are based on this original formula. Of course there’s also the original virus passed down from Zombie Zero that lives on since at least one zombie manages to slip away from a hoard. Those zombies are the most powerful of all.

      Nice to meet you too Angela! Have an excellent weekend! 🙂

      Oh on a note related to you I started dating a Werewolf recently. His name is Seth, and he’s been coming into Mystic Investigations for a few full Moon’s now to lock himself up in our basement for everyone’s protection. We nearly killed him when we were out one night tracking a spotted Werewolf. Luckily we captured him, and he never killed anyone.

  3. Oh you are dating a werewolve. wow! 😉 lol Hey now… Yeah they are a powerful force to sometime recon with! 😉 I’m happy to hear he never harmed anyone! Yes I believe there are more than one type of werewolves in this world. Some astral others are truly physical. As for zombies, I never believed in them. And yet I still have terrifying visions about them. So I was wondering what the heck is going on here? But in my subconscious mind I was fearing ‘..”Hey now this might be real” wow. Still trying to grasp it. Been in deep denial about them. 🙂 I will be okay! Just shocked. Mostly the fact I didn’t want to believe they existed. lol Now that I know they do exist. Scares me. like holly hell. I am astounded that they are not evil. I love Drake so much! And he is of Demonic DNA…. I can’t imagine how a zombie is not. I’ll have to just deal with it. To me Drake is perfect!

    I will defiantly read the article “Accidental Confluence of Events in 4129 BC Sumer.” Sorry If I come off as strange. I just seriously never believed in zombies. As a child I wanted to believe strongly in the Vampire’s… I fell in love with there existence. Since they portray love, strength, Nobility, Loyalty, And passion. I was 6yrs old when I seen my first vampire love movie. And I’ll tell you… I was hoping to god they were as Devinaire as in the story. 🙂 Yes Drake fits it all. right down to the V. 😉 Was if I wanted to meet a man such as him. And did. so yeah… he blows me away!!!! I am so happy to know Mystic Investigations exists. Thank you!!! Thank you! :0) Just hopped out of my jacuzzi having a most excellent weekend so far! Would be better if we all lived closer. lol Cheers!

    1. Seth is always worried about hurting people. Luckily I can’t be killed easily since I’m half zombie. Hope that doesn’t freak you out? 🙂 Seth accidentally mauled me on a full Moon before he knew my true nature. He was so relieved I wasn’t dead. However my wounds take a long time to heal because of the zombie side. He calls me his sweet zombie girl, and I call him my cute little wolf boy.

      Zombies aren’t good or bad because they’re merely walking bodies without any real intelligence. Just mindless drones driven by the instinct to eat humans. Werewolves with no control are the same. On the full Moon they become mindless animals whose instinct is to kill. Naturally those who have control over their transformations can be good even though they have demonic DNA. Vampires are highly intelligent, and can hold on to their humanity if they will it to be. So despite the demonic DNA a vampire can be good.

  4. Oh my god! I just watched the very last video at the bottom of your page. wow!!!!!!!!!! Scared. Since I recently had vision that a zombie was at the end of my vi-dock .. (((Train track bridge only across my street))) Wtf. And that zombie mob moved fricken fast and tore that man apart in seconds.

    Fellow Vampires.. You need to bite me ASAP! I want to defeat these mindless zombies. Please come and bite me now.. If what I’ve seen in my town happens I seriously want to be able to fight against them. I don’t want to be there chowder! Drake please esp Charles to get here. I’m serious. Scary stuff. I did want my eyes open and to know all truths. I just didn’t expect it to be like. All hell braking lose!! Have a good weekend. Great work on the page. It scared me more than any scary movies on Netflix. (That says alot!) lol 😉

    1. Speaking of Netflix you should catch the AMC series “The Walking Dead”. Although maybe in your current state it would be too scary to see a zombie apocalypse world where a group is gradually picked off by the living dead menace over the course of two seasons. In the series they finally realize they’ve all been infected to an extent so that when anyone dies for any reason they automatically become a zombie without a zombie bite. If such a global pandemic happened we’ve got a secret underground base in the Mystical Forest where we should be able to live somewhat normal lives. There’s too many supernatural beings in those woods for the Zombies to survive. If the zombie virus hits the fan splattering about wildly then you can come live with us in what would be just about the safest place on Earth. Second only to a deserted island which Drake has as a back up plan. So we’re already prepared for the worst.

    2. Those Zombies at the bottom were risen from the dead by Dimitri Diablo. That’s why they could run so fast rather than stagger about due to rigormortis. Those zombies under the control of powerful practitioners of magic can do things normal zombies can’t. As Xavier said your Werewolf DNA won’t allow you to become a zombie but a hoard could overwhelm you. Take the proper precautions, and be prepared. If an apocalypse happens you can join us in the fortress of our Mystical Forest oasis.

  5. Hi Ashley.. 🙂 You’re right.. Vampires & Werewolves can be good. Some can control there powers. I can’t speak for all though. I only hope I never come face to face with a zombie. They are very strong.. “hungry”. 🙂 Hey I’ll be sending Rebecca, Xavier & Drake some energy tonight. Would you mind If I send you some as well? I’ll send a little since it’s the first. It will be a blue orb. 🙂 Stay sweet! Thank you for the information too!

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