Do Gods Exist Other Than The God Of The Universe?

This includes the Earthly Gods of various cultures including Pagan, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, etc.  There can also higher Gods as well including Star Gods, Galactic Gods, etc. 

Yes they do exist but first we will define what we mean by God of the Universe.  What we really mean is the one eternal infinite God who first existed.  The first sentient being, and thing to exist in all of reality before all else.  We would technically call him the God of the Macroverse which encompasses his entire non-corporeal mind.  Within his mind are Gods of Omniverses which are generally 10 or 11 dimensional Universes made up of Multiverses which are in turn made up of an amazing quantity of parallel Universes.  A Universe is basically defined as the four dimensional space-time we observe around us.

These Omniverse Gods can be Archangels, Angels, and other beings of the Macroverse God.  We believe that most of the time these Archangels, and Angels are in fact former dead sentient biological beings who later ascend to Godhood, and create their own Omniverses, and sentient beings.  The multiverses may be ruled by Archangels, and the parallel Universes are watched over by Angels.  There may also be Galactic Gods, Star Gods, and Planetary Gods.  These Gods may also be Archangels, Angels, Jinn, Demons, other higher dimensional or inter-dimensional beings, advanced aliens becoming God like through technology, advanced alien cultures who ascended to the higher dimensions becoming God like, humans who gained great power from magic, or even manifestations of the collective human consciousness. 

Since humans had a need to create the Earthly Gods to explain natural phenomenon it seems most of the Gods were in fact creations of humanity.  Pure thought is the source of all magic so if enough humans believe in something it can come true.  This is evidence that humanity is destined to ascend to Godhood, most likely Omniversal, after death.  This was more true in ancient times, and the result of this collective magic was the actual creation of real Gods.  Naturally once most people stopped worshiping them, and believing in them their power faded.  However they simply didn’t blink back out of existence.  Once you create a sentient consciousness it doesn’t disappear unless deliberately eradicated from existence.  Many of these Gods still exist today with a fair amount of power thanks to the practitioners of magic who still worship them, and call upon the Gods for power.  It’s a symbiotic relationship that actually isn’t necessary since both parties have the ability to create their own power through their own pure thought consciousness.  Sorcerers certainly know that all their power comes from within them, and theri ability to marshal the vast energy of reality around them.  However the powers that be above the Earthly Gods might in fact hold down their power.

These lower Gods are allowed to exist by the Omniverse and Macroverse God because it’s a scenario that needs to be played out.  That’s what Gods do.  They create everything they can, and then allow as many scenarios to play out between sentient beings, and the environments they exist in.  The Macroverse God meant for the purpose of life to be Godhood for all who deserve it.  By living out a plethora of lives in the parallel Universes humans, and aliens ascend to Angelhood when they die due to the amazing storehouse of knowledge they have amassed in all their lives.  They then lead parallel Angel lives in each Multiverse Heaven before ascending to Archangelhood which is basically pre-Godhood.  From there they can become Gods, and form their own Omniverse which is in essence their non-corporeal multi-dimensional mind-body complex where all their creations, and thoughts exist able to expand to infinity, and beyond for all eternity. Registered & Protected

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27 thoughts on “Do Gods Exist Other Than The God Of The Universe?

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  2. Is it werid that when I here the word “Gods” Ares instantly pops into my head,actually the name pops up at the most random times like when I’m meditating it’s all calm and quiet then Ares pops into my head with a noticeable tingling throughout my body,I’ve never worshipped him or prayed to him,I need help.

    • Me, and Rebecca analyzed your energy and you’re not a Demigod but there is some Godly energy coming from the future. We delved further in, and we think Ares has chosen you to push forth the genetic line of Amazon Warrior Women. Their father is the God Ares, and they can only mate with males outside their species since all births are only female. I got a vision of a lost Amazon girl running away from their fortress in the Amazon Rainforest. Ares will most likely guide her to you. Your meeting will be fate. The time table is unclear. You could meet her tomorrow, or a few years from now. However the potential Amazon child is definitely several years away. At some point after knowing her for a time the Amazons will find her, and convince her it’s time to come home. You may be allowed to join her due to her wish to not leave you. Due to Ares choosing you it’s possible you will be one of the few males allowed to live within the world of the Amazon’s. This means at times Ares will use your body as a vessel to speak to his Demigod daughters. Due to you being a potential vessel of a God you would have extraordinary abilities associated with that. So it seems in a way you could be like a Demigod.

      • How do I send energy, for you to translate if I am some sort of demigod, or direct child of a higher God, in physical form.

        I’ve also just always wanted to know how to send energy. I’m sure I already do it but at a sort of unconscious/subconscious level.

  3. Where is Xavier, Julia or Rebecca when these kinds of QUESTIONS NEED TO BE FULLY ANSWERED (I’m not impatient but I’m very irritated that they didn’t respond to any of our questions at all) and I know that they had a numerous of the adventures last month but right now they should not be tired unless they (besides Zach Powers) gotten injured from the battles that took place last month

  4. I think that it’s a wild resemblance of your whole life and you are trying to change but your subconscious is either telling you the reason why it has begun or the overall solutions (this is for Ecilpse9222)

  5. Well Eclipse I’d say that there’s some type of relationship between you and Ares. What that relationship is exactly I don’t know. Could be Ares is trying to call you to fight some type of battle or maybe he’s your father. You could try meditating on Ares to see what it might be.

  6. supernaturalbeliever:
    Well Eclipse I’d say that there’s some type of relationship between you and Ares. What that relationship is exactly I don’t know. Could be Ares is trying to call you to fight some type of battle or maybe he’s your father. You could try meditating on Ares to see what it might be.

    Alright thank you.

  7. You’re welcome Eclipse. Mystic Investigations should be able to help too. Send some energy to Rebbeca and Julia. They should be able to tell if you’re a Demi-god or not.

  8. Eclipse9222:
    I’m really not hoping for nothing.
    Demigod?I doubt that, I don’t have the traits of a demigod.
    I will attempt to send energy.

    Hey I don’t have the traits of a demigod either but apparently I am one with Loki as my father. If you are it could be that you’re hidden. It’s just a possibility and it might not be what’s going on.

  9. Do you have a mortal father though? That’s the better question or you never meet him before nor knew about him until now (This is for supernaturalbeliver)

  10. I just figured out what you meant. I am with a mortal family and have been for as long as I can remember. However a dream vision I had a few years ago leads me to believe that I wasn’t born into this family even though everyone believes that I was. It was only about a week ago that Loki came to me in my dream and I called him father.

    • I think things are pretty set since Ares has chosen you but of course if a force of evil gets wind they could interfere. Your powers would grow as you grew close to a time when Ares would enter you as his vessel. With your permission of course. Naturally once he has control of you for a brief time he would have his full compliment of God powers. You would as well a short period of time before, and after he possesses you. During his occupation of your body you would simply be asleep, and it would be like a dream to you. The lowest point of your powers which would be the furthest point from his returns would simply be enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. As the time grew near you would develop various telekinetic, and magical powers. Being a surrogate God brings a lot of power.

    • Yes Godspouse’s are real. A Godspouse is a mortal consort of a God or Goddess. Technically this means they are married since consummation equals marriage in the world of Gods. However in some rare cases when a God or Goddess is deeply in love with a human they will actually have a ceremony. Overall though Gods, and Goddess like to be free to have multiple Godspouse’s, and relationships with other Gods as well. In modern times Gods, and Goddesses still take biological form, and mate with humans. Most of the time they never reveal their Godhood status so the human in question has no clue they’re a Godspouse.

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