Back To The Future 2015 Is Actually 2115

The fantastical future of 2015 portrayed in the 1989 motion picture Back To The Future Part II is actually a lot more like 2115. My brother Michael Remington, currently missing in time, took me to 2115 some time ago after he’d previously visited there. He said it reminded him of the future seen in Part 2 since the Back To The Future Trilogy are his favorite films. Michael’s method of time travel is a small device that teleports his body to the future by re-calibrating vibrational frequencies at the sub-atomic level. Frequencies that change with each Planck Unit of time, aka 3-D frozen bubble Universe, or perpendicular temporal dimension, we travel through constantly on everyone’s natural 4-D travel into the future. Altering y0ur frequency to match a certain time sends you there. Although it’s very hard to calculate! However once you’ve been to a particular time Michael’s time travel device saves the frequency for future ease of travel to said destination.  Read The Rest On Our Time Travel Blog…

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