Is Back To The Future A True Story?

Do Time Traveling DeLorean’s Exist?
Back From The FutureAs with many works of fiction it seems there is at least some shred of truth, if not the whole truth, hidden in plain public view.  Back To The Future is based on a real life series of time travel incidents discovered by the US Paranormal Defense Agency.  As apart of any supernatural cover up they release some information to the Hollywood propaganda machine to make the story into a movie thereby painting it as fiction to head off any claims of it being real.  A common tactic used by the government to hide all manner of supernatural events. Sometime in October 1979 a real life mad scientist by the name of Dr. Everett Black invented a time machine within a vehicle in Hildale, Utah.  Black clearly was the inspiration for Dr.Emmett Brown. The vehicle in question was a black 1978 Chevy Van rather than a DeLorean. Dr.Blacks journey’s took him from the time before life existed on Earth all the way into a future human intergalactic civilization.  Eventually his various temporal incursions put him on a Time Traveler’s Most Wanted List. Time Cops from countless centuries sought the immeasurable bounty on his head! Read The Rest Of The True Back To The Future Story On Our Time Travel Blog…

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