How Adults Have Fun On Halloween

Who hasn’t wanted to dress up as Frankenstein[Ad] and cause hilarious havoc on Halloween night? Just scaring the kids alone is priceless! Then we have the magic of giving Trick O Treaters half-eaten candy while stealing theirs in kind. The thrill of confiscating toilet paper from your neighbors after you climb into their bathroom window … Read moreHow Adults Have Fun On Halloween

Who Is David S Pumpkins?

 Is David S Pumpkins Real? You may have seen the infamous Saturday Night Live skit featuring the wacky David S Pumpkins as played by Tom Hanks. However, you may not know that David Pumpkins is a real enchanted entity. One of several supernatural Halloween Beings. The supernatural world has a habit of informing humans … Read moreWho Is David S Pumpkins?

Can The Power Of Christ Compel A Witch To Burn?

The hilarious cartoon clip above is from the “Family Guy” episode called “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire”  It features a scene from an imaginary episode of “Bewitched” where the mortal Darrin finally gets revenge against his Mother-In-Law Witch Endora. This much deserved revenge after her years of magical harassment against him.  There’s no excuse for a powerful … Read moreCan The Power Of Christ Compel A Witch To Burn?

Insane Halloween Costume Tips

The video above features some seriously silly quick and cheap DIY Halloween costumes. We seriously don’t recommend the last one. There’s no guarantee you’ll become a ghost but you will certainly die along with curing yourself of any Coronavirus concerns. Most people pass on to the afterlife since ghosts are created from trauma or pressing … Read moreInsane Halloween Costume Tips

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