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Can The Power Of Christ Compel A Witch To Burn?

The hilarious cartoon clip above is from the “Family Guy” episode called “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire”  It features a scene from an imaginary episode of “Bewitched” where the mortal Darrin finally gets revenge against his Mother-In-Law Witch Endora. This much deserved … Continue reading

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Insane Halloween Costume Tips

The video above features some seriously silly quick and cheap DIY Halloween costumes. We seriously don’t recommend the last one. There’s no guarantee you’ll become a ghost but you will certainly die along with curing yourself of any Coronavirus concerns. … Continue reading

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How Adults Have Fun On Halloween

Who hasn’t wanted to dress up as Frankenstein and cause hilarious havoc on Halloween night? Just scaring the kids alone is priceless! Then we have the magic of giving Trick O Treaters half eaten candy while stealing theirs in kind. … Continue reading

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What If Dr.Phil Was A Ground Hog?

What if in a Parallel Universe there were sapient animal people such as groundhogs. Perhaps this includes TV psychiatrist Dr. Phil visiting Conan O’Brien in this reality via some kind of five dimensional wormhole. Alternatively, maybe some mad scientist placed … Continue reading

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