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The UPS Canine Costume

Does your dog love chasing down the UPS guy when he delivers your packages? Then why not try to foster good will by dressing your dog up like a UPS delivery person? This adorable little UPS costume comes in various … Continue reading

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Womb To Tomb In 40 Seconds!

Freak quantum time tunnel, aka Hyper-Dimensional Temporal Comet, hit the exact space, and time of a baby’s birth!  A Hyper-Dimensional Temporal Comet is a 5-D celestial hyperspace entity containing a rapid independent time stream that invisibly intersects Parallel Universes. It rarely comes … Continue reading

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Hall’s Hillary Clinton Cough Drops

In a Parallel Universe Hillary Clinton parlays her infamous public speaking gagging fits into a lucrative Hall’s Cough Drops endorsement after losing her 2016 Presidential bid. She coughs her way across the country going through a bag of Clinton Formula … Continue reading

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Can The Power Of Christ Compel A Witch To Burn?

The hilarious cartoon clip above is from the “Family Guy” episode called “The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire”  It features a scene from an imaginary episode of “Bewitched” where the mortal Darrin finally gets revenge against the witch Endora, and her years of … Continue reading

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