What If Dr.Phil Was A Ground Hog?

 What if in a Parallel Universe there were sapient animal people such as groundhogs. Perhaps this includes TV psychiatrist Dr. Phil visiting Conan O’Brien in this reality via some kind of five dimensional wormhole. Alternatively, maybe some mad scientist placed Dr. Phil’s brain in a Groundhog or at least a puppet that somewhat resembles a … Read moreWhat If Dr.Phil Was A Ground Hog?

Hilarious Presidential Debate Stalking!

 Embedded above there used to be a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit where Donald Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, comically stalks Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, on the second debate stage amid Jaws theme music. However as usual the idiots removed it from Youtube so here’s the video at NBC’s website instead! Original Youtube Video … Read moreHilarious Presidential Debate Stalking!

Womb To Tomb In 40 Seconds!

Freak quantum time tunnel, aka Hyper-Dimensional Temporal Comet, hit the exact space, and time of a baby’s birth!  A Hyper-Dimensional Temporal Comet is a 5-D celestial hyperspace entity containing a rapid independent time stream that invisibly intersects Parallel Universes. It rarely comes in contact with large blocks of solid matter. However in this extremely unlucky case the … Read moreWomb To Tomb In 40 Seconds!

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