How Adults Have Fun On Halloween

Who hasn’t wanted to dress up as Frankenstein and cause hilarious havoc on Halloween night? Just scaring the kids alone is priceless! Then we have the magic of giving Trick O Treaters half eaten candy while stealing theirs in kind. The thrill of confiscating toilet paper from your neighbors after you climb into their bathroom window in the Spirit of the season. Then TPing said neighbor and others along your merry way. You just can’t help yourself as those carefully carved Jack-O-Lanterns scream to be smashed with glee!🎃

All this harmless havoc brings a necessary balance between good and evil! That is what All Hallows Eve is all about! Finally, you experience the ultimate rush of stealing a police cruiser while racing down the Autumn leaf ridden roads with lights flashing and sirens blasting! You bravely crash into an electrical pole in the hopes of jump charging yourself into the real Frankenstein! Of course, if that fails you must figure out how to elude the cops! At least the scary costume should throw them off. The awesome video above is from a 2012 Chipotle Boorito commercial campaign.👻

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I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of darkness.
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